Wednesday, March 10, 2010


When I noticed this photo - my senses took over. Fresh growth- perfect path- the smell and sounds of nature. And my journey.
Besides having the strong urge to move to the concrete jungle- I always appreciated nature.
And yes, there are plenty of beautiful parks and recreation areas in NY- so leaving PA wouldn't damage my "sense for nature".

My eyes follow the path- trying to figure out if there is even an end. Where does this path take me? Who would I meet? What do I encounter? How long will I be walking on this particular path?
Does it really matter how long I am walking on this path?

My life seems like a never ending path- my spirit is positive when I say this- no regrets (well maybe a few) I have so much to be thankful for.

I've met some wonderful people while I was walking on this path......and I have encounter some amazing things......and some not so amazing......however, I'm still walking......and I can not wait to see who or what I come across on this journey. {smiling}


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  1. age 49 some of the paths were hard, some still are, but most where just wonderful. Even the rough ones have produced their own gold and become part of making me who I am.
    Enjoy the journey!!! Enjoyed this post and will look around longer...I so love nature, so this picture was so calming