Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knock Knock- who's there?

It's now late October and 79 Royal is hopping with excitement. New puppy, family events, birthdays, karate and Halloween. I'm looking forward to a concert my coworker and I purchased tickets for two months ago. We are in line to get into the arena to see Nickelback- when my coworker (out of the blue) asked me if I would ever get married again? Married? How about serious date-again. What's up....what is she planning? Secretly did she announce to her best guy pal from church that her coworker is single? Is she trying to set me up with the friend who is along for the evening (he was very annoying) ....what possessed her to ask this question- and why now? If you know Nickelback- this wasn't a concert to sit and chat about my love life- lets wait until we are seated at the opera.
I had trust issues anyway. Would I, could I, and should I trust again?

On this particular Saturday- the October sky threatened rain, but China Doll wanted to take Heidi over to our community park for a walk. No problem.....we bundle up and head over to the park. I don't think we were even there for 15 minutes when this little guy came walking over to us....he had a dog on a leash......he's getting closer and I'm thinking- great, my vet told me to keep Heidi away from other dogs until she receives all her boosters.....unless the other dog is healthy, has it's shots....blah blah blah. How is this little guy to know if his dog has the blah blah blah. So I say- don't bring your dog too close please....he doesn't hear me.....he's smiling and his dog is running full speed towards us. I'm now holding Heidi in my arms...she's squirming to get down and play when this little guy with freckles (enough freckles across his nose and cheeks that I had this urge to take a sharpie and draw the constellations) is asking China Doll if she would like to play. She says yes.....Freckle Boy hands over his leash that is attached to a very cute Golden Retriever puppy named Sam. What? Okay, you know I love animals...but this was not on my agenda. China Doll and Freckle Boy are running down toward the jungle gym area- so I give in and allow Heidi to play with Sam. Leashes are getting tangled- barking and nipping and then they finally flopped on the ground together. Puppy timeout.
Twenty minutes of this and I'm now asking Freckle Boy where his parents are.....where does he live- when I notice this man in a grey hoodie standing by the pine trees looking down our way.
He's far enough that it isn't making me too uncomfortable, but then he doesn't leave either.
So I walk towards the kids and tell them we are going to walk down to the community center.
Now I notice this man in the grey hoodie walking down towards us (picking up his pace) so I pick up Heidi....grab China Dolls jacket.....yell for Freckle Boy to follow (after all I had his dog) when he ask why I'm running- he looks back again and says my dad is coming. Okay so it was my "mom instinct". Oh, so that's your DAD in the grey hoodie? {feeling rather silly}

Freckle Boys dad finally reaches us with a concerned look on his face- why is this woman holding my dogs leash- and most of all why were you running from me?
He says nothing to me at first- walks over to his son and quietly scolds him. Apparently Freckle Boy was to wait by the pine trees for dad. So to get over my sheepish feeling- I do my best academy award "I'm shocked" act. By this time Dad is (kindly) trying to explain to me what apologize- when the only thing that flies out of my mouth is "does your dog have it's shots"....... Dad looked at me like I had six heads.....or maybe he was thinking I was the biggest snob in Royal Court. ( it was plastered all over his face)

After the introductions fail, I call China Doll over to inform her we are heading home- when Freckle Boy states his dad could watch them play if she wants to stay out longer. NO!
Um, I mean {clear throat} no thank you. Freckle Boy and China Doll say their goodbyes and maybe one of these days they will be able to play again in the park together. {{don't hold your breath Freckles}}
The embarrassing part of all of this was that Heidi is howling at the top of her little lungs.....trying to jump out of my arms.....struggling to see over my shoulder at her new (so she thinks) friend Sam. Get over it girls.....we are not staying here- long.

It's Halloween. China Doll and I planned to go over to my brothers neighborhood to Trick-Or-Treat with my sister-in-law Cathy. China Doll is dressed up as Mulan.
As we prepare to leave- there is a knock at our door. I look through the peep hole and it's Freckle Boy! He's asking if China Doll can go with him on this spooky festive night. Sorry kiddo we have other plans. Oh, and there's the friendly dad again. I wave. I see cute Sam.
Geez....I hated the fact that I was being so rude. That wasn't me at all. I like people.
But...I just didn't want to get involved with this little guy and his parents and their dog on a friendly level- not when I had other important planning to do.
I say no thanks quickly again- quickly because out of nowhere Heidi Mae is whining at the top of my stairs....pacing and then she does a real full out bark. (her first one!) She's one smart cookie- but come on now- they only met once. She runs over to the love seat trying to jump up and look out the window at her friend. Plants get knocked down- my pillows are on the floor.
Good golly....let's take this bundle of nerves along so she can release some energy walking around my brothers neighborhood while China Doll collects her treats.

Knock knock. I remember it was one of those days where I just felt like doing nothing.
China Doll wasn't home this Saturday afternoon.
I answer the door. Freckle Boy.
No....she isn't home today. Freckle Boy is standing on my front porch (alone) talking about stuff. I ask him if his parents are home. He tells me his dad is cleaning and doing laundry- and his mom is home. ? Okay- whatever. I send him on his way.

I am not sure but it was probably only about 2 hours later. Knock knock.
Now, I have this sense of humor that not everyone gets. I remember asking Freckle Boy if he would help me clean out my refrigerator. If you knew my homemaking skills then- we didn't have much in the refrigerator- China Doll and I ate out often or at my parents. Freckle Boy is shy- but he tells me EVERYTHING! {laughing} His parents are divorced. His dad lives two buildings over. He lives with his mom one week- the next his dad. I don't make this kid clean - but I do make him cocoa. I'm beginning to like Freckle Boy.
Knock knock. It's Dad. Freckle Boy was only to come down and see if China Doll could come out and play- then report back to Dad.
You know....I'll go. Let's take the dogs running.
Am I insane?? We go to the park. I'm being much nicer to this single dad with crystal blue eyes. After all, for some reason my dog loves him.

Life Lesson: Heidi is about to sit in my egg basket!



  1. You have the gift of story writing - you know when to end, you know where to pick up at, I love your scap books and your life lessons. I don't want this story to end too soon - but I can't wait to read the next installment!

  2. Consider yourself {hugged}} Emily!
    Thank you so much!!
    I need encouraging words to keep going- I'm leaving my comfort zone- but also having fun telling my story. : )