Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tidbits & Snippets

I have this inner farm girl - I was never raised around farm animals, and frankly I'm not sure I would even know the first thing about them. I love animals. (sorry, no feathered kind- birds freak me out)
My father tells me stories about how I rescued animals in the backyard, or how excited I would get going to a petting zoo or taking a pony ride. I always had a pet. Easter Bunnies. Dogs. Guinea Pigs.

I still love animals (trying to overcome my fear of birds) and I continue my support for those organized groups. I did step back from my wild PeTA days. If you approach me today wearing fur, I will not spray paint your coat- but I may snarl at you.
{{laughing- you can laugh too}} *************************

I received an e-mail asking- "did I do the dating scene"? LOL
Well, I guess I tried. I had an awkward blind date,a "friendly date" and then the date from you know where! I wouldn't announce to China Doll that I had a date night - I usually waited until I knew she would be visiting her father, or would want to go away with Pop Pop and Grandma, or have a sleep over with Aunt Debbie. During those particular occasions- if the subject came up regarding my date- she was happy to hear that the date wasn't going to materialize into a second date. After all- I was not wanting or seeking or wishing for any knight to ride up on a white horse and sweep me away. My guard walls were up- and for me to trust another man at this time was probably as good as me winning the lottery. {I know- you have to play to win}
As for China Doll, she made it quite clear on her feelings. Friends yes, but that's it!

I love antiques and early primitives. My home(s) have always been decorated in antiques.
My friends teased me by saying I would be the only New Yorker with an apartment that looked as if the items were borrowed from a civil war museum. Can't help myself- the older and chipper it is...the more I love it! My "aunt" Colleen is the person who turned me onto antiques. I loved her home. I always loved farmhouses and historical districts.

I love to read. I enjoy listening to music (wide variety) and I love to travel.
My future travel goal: volunteer my time in either Guatemala or Sendafa.


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