Friday, October 21, 2011

Lessons from a Forgiving Child

She was sitting on a bench - little legs dangling. All I could see was blonde hair and a rather large ice bag covering most of her face. She knew I was approaching because a few of her classmates were reporting each step I made. As I looked down at my sweet little girls face- all I could see was dried blood and tear stained cheeks. Her mouth was swollen - almost shut.
Her eyes opened wide when she finally noticed I was there. As I hugged her, she wanted to shout out words, but the injury to her mouth was not cooperating. The important message she had was for me to understand her injury was an accident. And she forgives "B" and "E" for pushing her -which made her fall into a chair leg causing a rather large laceration on her upper left lip.

As a mommy the first thing we want to do is comfort our children. To give them all the TLC we can.
But I also felt guilt- anger- frustration and sadness.
When Apple Cheeks told me the story, she not only told her daddy and sissy, but she wanted the entire medical staff that treated her in the ER to know that she "forgives" them.


What a lesson from my forgiving 5 year old!
My baby. My youngest. My little gift of sunshine.
As I sat with Football Superstar my emotions rolled into one. What I wanted to do was to approach the school /kids/parents- to give them a small fraction of my mind. (you know all those thoughts that tend to run through our mind- well my mind)
Don't worry....I didn't do anything. But I did learn something.

I learned that if a child could sit through pain- and walk out of the ER 4 hours later {well actually get carried by daddy} and still forgive- then what was I thinking? Where was my grace? Where was my forgiveness?

6 stitches=forgiveness