Monday, May 24, 2010

Losing my religion

Life. The Art of Living. Zen. Soul Searching. Optimism. Racism. Pursuit of Happiness.

There are books and movies for every inch and square corner of our lives.
If I wanted to transform myself into a butterfly or learn to live with wolves, I can do it with a click of my computer mouse or a book from Borders.
I've done it. I've tried them - not all of them- but some good "reads" out there.

I am not a soul searcher by name. I have walked the art of living path.
And....I have walked the pain and hatred path. I rode a horse looking for the "Pursuit of Happiness" trail.

These trails, paths, coffee shop books and zen style teachings lasted for awhile....but not long enough to keep my fuel tank filled enough. Enough is the key word here.

As my happy life continued with my marriage and children- there was something missing.
Like the old skeleton keys that I collected- they all fit the old worn locks but sooner or later something else will break into your soul. I'm sure that babble just made no sense to my readers

Football Superstar and I talked "religion" one evening. Unexpected to say the least. We talked about the kids, the foundation of religion they really do not have. The "eduction" of religion. Christianity After all, giving our children the foundation will give them a better understanding when they become adults. Unlike my education on religion....where my belief was born out of fear. Or just because I was a good Catholic girl who did what she was told?
I had a lot to say about this decision. If we and thats a huge if we were going to start attending a church "for the kids" then I want to make sure there are the following:
1. No church politics
2. No gossiping women ....what's she wearing?
3. No church politics
4. No confession boxes
5. I will not join the choir
6. NO church politcs
7. Don't preach to me if you are not the pastor or minister
8. Did I already say no church politics? Yeah...I did...and yes I am a Democrat!

Okay then....where do we go? A small community church? A Methodist church? A Southern Baptist church? hey, been there and they are fun! A contemporary church. no, hear they are like cults
So we begin our "shopping". We visit. And we leave. I either fell asleep or I was under dressed.
Geez, this is hard. I want and demand diversity! people of color in Hanover???? There's a small Mexican Catholic church in Oxford we can attend. no Catholic churches remember
Football Superstar surprises me with the religious knowledge he apparently had hidden in his boxers. ? where is this knowledge coming from honey? Thought you didn't believe? Or you were Agnostic? Or was he in the; I'm -in-the-process- of-analyzing-and-reading-researching-and studying phase?
Where I'm in the; needing-my-incense-and buddha loves peace-and there better not be any guilt trip -I'll stare your "Oriental daughter" down stage. PS: she's Asian not an oriental carpet you idiot.

Phew! Thank goodness Eva comes to the rescue because another field trip like this and I was about to call it quits.
Eva and I were on the phone when I was babbling and huffing about this church shopping. As she calmly informed me that shopping was the best thing for us to do. We shouldn't just grab any church for the sake of "attending church".
Now, I have heard this statement from other people from time to time. "I think we'll go to'll do us some good". Oh, like I need to lose 10'll do me some good.

Eva invites us to visit her church- some Sunday. Not any particular Sunday- only extends the invite. Sweet and gentle words. No pressure. great would that be, because I LOVE MY EVA and being with her every Sunday would be nice.
But what are the chances of us really liking this church? It's contemporary. It's open denomination. It's large.
It's known for the large gathering of friendly happy people. I've heard rumors about this church. And so has Football Superstar. One rumor in particular is that it's only for rich people. laughing, I know Eva would laugh too
Another's cult like. Like the bad cult from the 60's cult? Geez...can't picture my Eva attending a Charles Manson
Let's go.....we'll visit and see what this church is like.

Why is everyone smiling at me???? What? They are taking their coffee cups in the.....the....auditorium.
Jeans...some folks have on jeans. Again, what's with the smiles....come on people what is in your coffee?
What is that music? Is there a rock concert and we forgot to purchase tickets? Holy toledo the band is good!
Where is the holy water? Oh, yeah...they would need bins of it for a service of 800 people
I'm the only person forming the sign-of-the-cross after hearing a prayer - sinking in chair...sinking in chair. Hey, at least I remembered how to do it!
Who's this guy? Why does he have jeans on? He's the....the...Pastor?????????? What's up with that?

We went back for more.

Life Lesson: Don't judge a book by its cover and do not listen to idle gossip!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Scrap Book

Godparents* Eva&Doug
Auntie Gracie & Uncle Kevin
Pop Pop
Grandpa Ice Cream
Aunt Lisa & "Pen Pal Uncle" Sheldon
Heidi- Mae the Nanny
Apple Cheeks with Sam *Flock of Seagulls hairstyle!
Where have I seen this before? Oh, yes Pop Pop! *4/17 post
We stole this from Williamsburg- it now sits in our backyard
Pool time

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Almost up to date with This and That.

I"m almost up to date here!
Apple Cheeks was born July 19th, 2006.
And thanks again to a spectacular team of players- my recovery went well. Minus a few issues upstairs in the recovery wing of the hospital. One, having the nurse from you know where. She tried every trick in her book to intimidate me.....and it would have worked if not for Football Superstar! He stayed with us the entire time while Apple Cheeks and I stayed in the hospital.
China Doll and Freckle Boy came to visit daily. They would go to the pool with Grandma- Mrs. Ice Cream and pop in to visit us bringing an armful of goodies for me to snack on. Soggy soft pretzels from the pool snack bar.....or a chocolate chip cookie that was made on July 19, 2004. ? hopefully the cookie wasn't that old...but it certainly didn't taste fresh! I was the thought of love that counted!

Apple Cheeks had plenty of visitors during our stay at the hospital. My father/Pop Pop, aunts and uncles, friends and cousins.
My mother wasn't able to meet Apple Cheeks until we arrived home. And my father-in-law, Mr. Ice Cream wasn't able to either....he was ill and in the hospital months prior to learning of our newest news.
But shortly after arriving home, Apple Cheek's other grandparents who were anxious to meet, hug and love her finally had their chance.

Our household was busy for weeks.....we had non-stop company. I don't think I ever felt this popular since I brought China Doll home from China! laughing!

Heidi Mae and Sam bonded with Apple Cheeks almost immediately. Sir Clementine could have cared less. "Feed me and leave me be"....that was his motto.
Heidi began to bond the most with Apple Cheeks. well, it's probably because she moves around more- Sam prefers to find a nice spot and sleep - but he did admire this squeaky little bundle of joy!
Apple Cheeks would look for this oversized stuffed animal named Heidi. She would follow the clicking sound of the dogs nails on the wood floor as she would pace.....listen for the barks or whines......listen for the sniffing sound around her tiny little toes.
Apple Cheeks would let out a loud squeaky laugh whenever Heidi sniffed her tiny toes, always ending up with a case of the hick-ups due to her entertainment. This was the beginning of a very tight that I've seen before. China Doll and our Aurelia. Aurelia would sleep under China Dolls crib....and became my "baby monitor" when even the smallest sign of my little Chinese wonder stirred in her crib.
Heidi was becoming my four legged Nanny. I know...I know....those readers who are not animal lovers may feel I'm nuts, yeah, I am....but I am a firm believer than animals tune into us humans- when we allow them too.
If I was cleaning or attacking laundry- Heidi would tune into the baby monitor before I would hear a peep. She would stand at the bottom of the second floor stairway and look at the door.....look at me....back at the door....then bark. Nine times out of ten, Apple Cheeks would be awake head poking up like a little bird looking for her friend. Or a meal.
Snuggle time usually consisted of me and Apple Cheeks and Heidi. No, not both on my lap. Heidi at my feet as I rocked Apple Cheeks. This normally "Nervous Nelly" of a dog- became a calm female warrior. The natural instinct of her breed brought many memories back to me of another four legged Nanny I once had the pleasure to live with.
What is this dog thinking? Why does she look at my baby in such a way? She can't see in color.....she can't "do" anything for this little baby as she would a puppy.....she can't even play with this little baby girl, so what is going thru this K-9 brain of hers?
If God created such a creature- what did He give them in order to create such a bond with a human?
this is me thinking out loud- it's really not a question

Or was this mans doing? The German general who bred the first German Shepherd Dog. The noble, intelligent and protective breed. Did he give this dog- who is generations after generations after generations bred down from the highest of all nobel breeds the "gift" of __________?
again, thinking out loud

This post wasn't to be all about Heidi Mae's Flash of New York State. It was about a tiny little baby girl who glistened when a large and loud dog came into view.
Months later, as Apple Cheeks begins to crawl and wasn't only our family members who trotted after her it was Heidi. Protectively placing her body in between a little body and a door way. This dog was NEVER the heck she know to do that???? We can't even get Heidi to stop eating cat food, how did she get so darn smart? I always say to Football Superstar- it's because she was born in New York! ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah, okay be real Lis.
What ever it is....this bond continues to grow and grow. I share things with Eva....and my doggy lovin' friends and family.
If anything, it's the coolest of moments to watch. Video and pictures to share with Apple Cheeks when she gets older.
And right I type this- Apple Cheeks is sitting at her table coloring a picture for Pop Pop- while Heidi sits right by her little toes.

Sir Clementine passed away a year ago. I missed having a cat sitting on our window sill. But I didn't want to rush out and adopt one or even pick up a "free kitten" from a farmer.
One day I noticed a Maine Coon rescue page and there was an adult male in need of a good home. I was a day too late- he was adopted. Sharon has a Maine Coon and Baxter is a gorgeous cat- and sweet.
I decided to wait and contact the Humane Society. And this is where we found and fell in love with our newest addition- September Moon. Thank you Football Superstar for my sweet cuddly gift!

So now our household is made up of 5 humans and 3 furbabies. It's busy, and chaotic and you may find large hair balls floating across the creeky pine floor or trip over a squeaky toy or maybe sit on a miniature doll house accessory. But it's our fun chaotic home- filled with kids, critters, love and a dash of humor. We are real. We have teens now and one toddler. I have a lot of chocolate - it helps me deal with my teens! ha ha ha!!!!
We are on a journey....... together.
It's This and That which helps me to be thankful.

Life Lesson: Stay on the path.....


Monday, May 17, 2010

Dairy Queen must wait.....

July 18th.
I am scheduled for another routine check up with one of the lucky team players. First was a visit to Maternal Fetal Medicine for my early afternoon appointment. During my NST, Baby Girls heart rate was rapid. However, this has been the norm for her during the last four weeks. All ultra sounds were showing no indication of any heart issues. After leaving MFM, I drove home- first stopping at Dairy Queen. was hotter than blazes out there!
I arrived home to find Football Superstar mowing the grass....Freckle Boy and China Doll were recruited to rake or pick up fallen branches from our senior trees. We then discussed our evening plans. Where or what to eat. By the time I would arrive home from my second appointment of the day- I would be starving! I planned on going to this appointment alone....after all the lawn needed mowed - rain was on the horizon. AND I would be able to make that pit stop at DQ.
I never really craved DQ excuse could be that DQ sat waaaaay to close to the busy traffic light- which always seem to turn red right before I could turn left. DQ sits on the right. cough cough

My team player (doctor #3) is one that I have only seen a handful of times....she wasn't one of my top favorites. Perhaps it was our personalities. Me- happy. She- not so happy. Or so it seemed that way to me.

But on this day, my female team player takes a look at my blood pressure. She checks out my cankles....and says; "You need to get to the hospital- now". What? She never even examined me to see if I was dilated.....just drilled instructions where to go and what to do.
Okay...not a problem, however I did not eat and I wanted to catch Football Superstar at home to inform him of the new plans. I'm calling our home number and his cell. No answers. I leave at least 2 messages on both phones. Knowing how the kids accomplish their outside chores- they are bound to end up in the house soon and get my messages.
Okay this is where a well trained dog would pick up the phone and bark 4 times (like Lassie for Timmy) to alarm my family members I'm in "trouble". Hungry.
An hour after I was admitted to the maternity ward Football Superstar calls.....panic in his voice.
Thanks for calling me back, no, I'm fine.....just flippin' hungry!!!!!
Actually, he was very worried and felt horrible that no one noticed the messages on our home phone- or that he didn't have his cell phone, which was next to his brief case-in the house.

While my husband and excited children travel into the hospital....I was poked and probed and attached to monitors.
Baby Girls heart rate would jump up and the settle down. Once again, I had no real signs of my blood pressure sky rocketing. I felt fine. My cankles looked more like the Philsbury dough boys, but I just blamed that on the heat.
My blood pressure apparently was high enough I should not have been driving. Dang.....I wanted that DQ treat too!

My family arrives. China Doll and Freckle Boy looked like they were informed they will never have to do an ounce of homework again in their lives.....or we are going to move to the best theme park in the universe. They were like two excited monkeys in a zoo. Thank goodness for their grandmother- Mrs. Ice Cream. She came to the rescue and took the two monkeys to the hospital cafeteria. Reluctant- they leave with her.

Football Superstar is chatting with the nurse of the hour.....I was given a meal. Pork chops, mashed potatoes, candied carrots and a slice of NOT my brothers Italian wedding cake. I devoured everything. I even picked at the pork chop. I'm not a meat eater, but during my pregnancy - Dr. Football Superstar had me eat pork and chicken for added extra protein. Well...Heidi got more added extra protein, but we will never share that with him. SSShhhh.

Within 30 minutes the meal comes back to haunt me. I've never looked at pork chops the same way.
How do you people eat that stuff???

The monkeys go home with Mrs. Ice Cream. She is given a "To Do" list of instructions. Feed the dogs- feed the cat- make sure Heidi doesn't eat the cats food- grab the kids clothes -grab our clothes- don't let the cat run out the back door- turn on the porch light- call everyone on the list.

Thinking I'll deliver within the next few hours....Limo Driver was called immediately. She was asked to be in the delivery room with us- recording the event as Football Superstar "coaches" me. laughing

I'm in a room with another mommy-to-be. I'm miserable from whatever it is that made me miserable. Possibly from the volcanic pork chop meal.
This room mate had 5 visitors. It was like a block party. People floating in and out....they even had KFC delivered by a friend. What the what is going on behind that curtain? Don't they know that the smell of fried chicken is sending me over the edge????
Finally I am moved to a private room. I only smell sterile room- not chicken. Limo Driver is snapping photos with her cute floral disposable camera. She loved those things.
Football Superstar stands by my side asking what he can do for me..... how about pulling out this baby girl of yours? Mmm?? Can you do that????
I've been examined and told that I am only a centimeter dilated. Baby Girl is positioned- but not too worried about coming out into her new world.

I've seen my other team players- my midwife who is gentle and encouraging. Ms. Deb tells me that my baby is positioned- however, she may need encouragement. She laughs....and explains to us what they are planning to do next. Dilate me. I'm okay with this....Ms. Deb is nice and gentle.
What? YOU are not staying? We are informed Dr. It's a Miracle (doctor #2) is on duty. I don't want him!
He comes in the room with a cranberry colored shoe string like thing......tells me to relax oh, geez and within 10 -12 hours I should be fully dilated and ready to deliver. But during this time, he is looking at my husband telling him what I need to do. Stop resisting as he examines me.....relax......breath....... oh, perhaps he didn't know that as I'm on my back I'm beginning to feel the volcano erupt again! As much as I wanted to slap that doctor, puking on him would have made me feel better. Limo Driver has the bed pan. She just saved your butt doc!

Football Superstar is in the hallway talking with Ms. Deb/midwife and Dr. Miracle.
I was hoping maybe Football Superstar was throwing the doctor down the hall like a good pass. such luck.
Limo Driver goes home for the night- and returns the next morning. Like 6:00 am.
What seemed like an eternity- my 13 hours are up....and it's early morning. No difference. hero walks in. The bestest team player of all! Dr. He Looks Too Young (doctor #1).
Dr. HLTY looks at Football Superstar and says c-section.
As we look at each other....we are thinking the same....what time would this be scheduled?
Now. Without adding "emergency" we then learn within 20 minutes my c-section was orchestrated like a classical concert. My blood pressure shot up again- Baby Girls heart rate dangerously dropped.
Nurse #1 instructs Limo Driver to take off what ever jewelry I was wearing and throws a pass to Football Superstar- a package containing scrubs. Limo Driver is told she may not go back in the OR with us. Tears begin to well up in her eyes and mine. I'm grabbing onto her hand as they roll my bed into never ever land.
I can't find my husband, but the anesthesiologist is cracking jokes with me....I see faces smiling over me as they begin to warm up their instruments. I'm waiting on the walks my husband. He is dressed in light blue scrubs with a surgical mask covering his mouth- but I can see that broad smile.
He is offered a stool to sit beside me- but he politely refuses. What's he doing?
There in all his glory- my husband watches the entire concert. No shudders or OMG look on his face. Only that broad smile and wide eyes showing amazement. I hear voices but see nothing except for the blue tent in front of me. I can see reflections from the space ship light fixture that brightens up the entire room.
I keep asking if he can see her.....I don't hear cries.... then I hear Dr. HLTY speak these words; "the cord is wrapped around...neck......she's out". No immediate cry as I thought I would hear. Then it happens- a very crackling cry. She's with daddy- and the cord is cut.
Football Superstar walks her over to me....all I am able to do is kiss her.
My arms are flat out by my sides with cords and gadgets- feeling like I'm tied onto a cross. Can't move my arms...can't touch my beautiful baby girl. She's perfect. Healthy. And has the fullest round rose-y cheeks. Apple Cheeks.

Life Lesson: To believe in miracles- or not to believe in miracles. That is the question.


Scrap Book

Dr. Football Superstar*
Apple Cheeks*
China Doll & Freckle Boy greet their baby sister....Apple Cheeks

Monday, May 10, 2010

For the Mother in China

I had the most pleasant Mother's Day. I received beautiful cards and yummy chocolates. To end my day, China Doll treated me to an ice cream treat at our local dairy bar. Only my teen daughter and me.....we had an hour or so to ourselves. Talking about girl stuff. About life. About her "mother".

Before my Mother's Day even started- I woke up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee- grabbed a shower and found myself staring in the mirror....wondering about a woman in China. Tears came to my eyes. Out of China Dolls 14 years with me, I have "thanked" the woman who gave her life- so I was able to be China Dolls Mommy. At times I would think back to this woman....who she was...what she looked like....and if there were siblings. But for the most part I have always rode the selfish train. The proud train that only went one way. My way. I was the mommy....I may not have given China Doll life, but I certainly gave her a forever home, a family who loves her, a good life here in the states. Something that was usually discussed at our Families with Children from Asia group in Hanover was the biological parents. But the conversations were very brief, and normally we would talk about where our children came from, what province, orphanage or if they had any health issues and where they are growing - becoming young adults or for some toddlers today in our lives. The biological parent was never the main focus of our discussions. And why would it? After all, the children were placed in orphanages or foster homes....waiting for their forever families to come and sweep them into their arms.....and onto airplanes where their new cozy bedrooms are filled with stuffed animals and warm colorful blankets & quilts. Soft music and story books.

When I look back at my adoption process I remember our coordinator- counseling us on what we will be in store for while traveling through China. I studied , read, networked with other families who recently adopted a child from China. I knew in my mind and my heart what to expect. I knew that some young mothers whether they were unwed or married "abandoned" their babies- which I will not get into - but for what ever the reason, there were many, plenty of baby girls waiting adoption by the USA and other foreign countries. All I knew is that I wanted to be "her" mommy. As I mentioned in an earlier post- I bonded with a photo of my daughter before I held her in my arms.
She....was mine. And I thanked a woman, possibly a very young woman that gave my daughter life- period.

Now on Mother's Day I thought back on the very cold and dreary day in the province of Jaingxi- when a 12 month old baby girl was delivered on a bicycle by her foster mother. In the hallway of a beautifully decorated hotel, a baby was handed to me bundled in 7 layers of clothing, crying while looking at me, her split pants were open and a little cold bum was exposed. I laughed and cried. And noticed at that exact moment of my excitement- another person standing only inches from me crying- but her back was turned to us. It was China Dolls foster mother. I knew my baby had the best care. I knew then she was loved. This foster mothers face would come back from time to time. But I also knew that this foster mother worked for the orphanage and had her own biological children. She just happened to bond emotionally with my daughter.
It's the biological mother- a woman I never gave any real thought to until now.

Why the tears? Because I felt a sadness for this mother. Most likely, and I'm going back now 14 years China Dolls "life mother" was not wealthy. Perhaps she was a rural farmer or factory worker. I'm neither. Perhaps she and her family were like many of the rural farmers of the 1990's China and made $500 a year. A huge guess here The translator who was assigned to our adoption group lived in Beijing- her husband who was a doctor, their total income for one year was $8,000. Again, I do not live in a household that only earns $500 a year.
I never felt the pain and or shame of having to surrender a child. I wonder if it was the husband or another family member who waited until dark to take China Doll to a safe place in order to be found- and saved. Or was it a young mother who waited until dark, in order not to be seen, so she could place her young baby girl in a safe place - to be saved. I have no right to judge this mother. I have no right to say what kind of woman would do that?!
I've seen horrible cruelty here in my own country by young mothers and older woman who claim to be mothers.
I've seen child abuse in ways that would make your stomach turn. And yet, we here in the good ol' USA want to point fingers and place blame on other women in other countries because of what they have done- in order to save their children.
I knew while China Doll was in the orphanage she had "crib mates". Possibly 3 or 4 to a crib. I knew she was also "potty trained" by the time she was 8 months old. I totally reversed that with pampers the first day!
I knew she was not bathed every day. Possibly a good warm bath every 5- 6 months. Her pretty black hair was shaved- she looked like the Dali Lama. Her skin was less golden yellow, and more tan. She had scabs on her cheeks and two deep scars on the bottom of her bum. Was she abused- I doubt that. Was she dirty- yes. Did she smell like Johnson& Johnson- not until I got ahold of her! But was she loved? I must say yes. She was given the love and care to the best of the caregivers ability. After all, this is not KinderCare where there is one caregiver to 2 infants- it's one caregiver to 30 or more.
China Doll was placed in a foster home to prepare her for adoption. She spent approximately 3 months with a family who owned a farm. She spent each day on the back of the foster mothers 12 year old son as he worked on the farm.
One smell I'll never forget is the lingering odor of firewood. When China Doll was placed in my arms- and I kissed her red chapped cheeks with the crusty scab- I smelled firewood. Another indication of how "wealthy" the foster family was.

So in China Dolls first year in China.....her first year of life.....she was held by two other women that loved her.
I know that.....I feel that. The first woman gave this beautiful girl life....the second woman gave this beautiful girl a different view.... as for me, this woman, well, I hope to give her a life with a view into who she will become- as a woman.

So to the Mother in China- you will always be in my heart.

Friday, May 7, 2010

So, I'm pregnant?!

This is where I lost some of my journaling days. But what I do have - I'll post for your enjoyment. JUST KIDDING!

I can't believe I'm pregnant. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined this happening. Especially at the ripe young age of 43.
I must give China Doll credit- it is she that guessed my "diagnoses" the morning of my doctor visit. As China Doll was walking out the door to catch her school bus....she turned to say goodbye and to teasingly say - "mommy I bet your pregnant!" Did she call the good doctor to give the heads up?

Football Superstar and I had plenty of doctor visits to get me up to date. We needed to meet the entire team of players (OBGYN) and have my first ultra sound. While meeting Ms. Deb, the midwife, we were able to hear the strong heartbeat of our baby. That memory will always bring tears to my eyes. What an awesome moment that was for us.
During my first ultra sound- the tech asked if we wanted to know the sex- we already decided yes on that question- and once again- China Doll hits the lotto. A Girl.
You could see her as clear as any photo- Baby Girl had her little hand over her face as if she was giving us a hint. Let me be please.
Freckle Boy was keeping his fingers crossed the ultra sound may have missed what he was hoping for- a baby brother. Ahh...sorry kiddo!

Baby Girls heart sounds good- my vital signs are good- great. We are to be leaving for Disney April 7th. Will I be able to fly? I better be. I can NOT and WILL NOT miss Disney World!
You can go any place without me, but not to Disney World. Well, maybe not just any place- but I am a huge DW kid at heart -it would break my heart not to go.
I get the okay to fly. No rides. Well, I'm told I can ride the monorail, the train and the refreshing water taxi with the seniors. If I can not go on rides then I will eat like there is no tomorrow as my husband and children enjoy those rides without me. I'll sit with the seniors and eat. But parents...I warn you....I will bowl your kids over to have my photo taken with any DW character!

During our Disney adventure I was beginning to actually look more - pregnant. The Orlando temperatures were somewhat higher than average for April, so my ankles turned into cankles by the end of our 8 days. Gracie loved that I developed cankles- she's goofy I know.
And it was during our 2nd day when Baby Girl decided to make her own Disney "appearance".
We returned to our New Orleans resort to grab bathing suits my moo-moo and head over to the water park. I flopped on the bed to wait for everyone else. Freckle Boy was sitting beside me watching my belly move in a wave motion. It was really wild looking. As Freckle Boy placed his hand on top of my belly- where his little sister was positioned- she gave him one of her own karate kicks. He enjoyed this so much that it caught on. Next thing China Doll was now sitting with us getting kicked. We eventually made it out of the resort to the water park, but I had to pry the kids off of my belly their baby sister by reminding them we are on a vacation- we had places to go- characters to see- food to eat!
That night- China Doll tried bribing Football Superstar to sleep over in her sleeping quarters so she could sleep with mommy and "hold" her baby sister during the night. I said no to that- China Doll kicks in her sleep.........I already had one daughter inside kicking me, I didn't want to be donkey kicked by a gymnast/karate kid!

Catching up again with more ultra sounds- and NST's. Maternal Fetal Medicine. Twice a week.
By the time June rolls around- I'm visiting three times a week. I'm getting to know the tech's and the doctor who performed each ultra sound. We would agree on wines, Italian foods, movies, vacation spots (Disney fan he was!!!) but most importantly- he is the one I trusted when I needed to have the dreaded of the dreaded test for me-> amniocenteses. Football Superstar and I met with the genetic counselor- giving my age a factor- we decided on the test.
We knew what ever the results. We were going to be parents again - we were having a beautiful baby.
Once during my visit with the team players. Doc #2 We chatted about how crazy this still is for us- seeing I was told that it would take "medical assistance" in order for me to conceive.
Dr. #2 blurted out- "she's a miracle baby- nothing else needs to be asked." What the heck does that mean? Oh, yeah....he's Catholic - I know him from my family church- I remember his son from basketball games- and Mass. What else was he going to say?
I'm the Virgin Mary and Football Superstar is Joseph. Instead of a donkey taking us into York each week- we drive with air conditioning our black Honda Pilot.
Why would this doctor say such a thing. A miracle? But the look on Football Superstars face told me a different story. Did he believe that?

Anyway- I'm shrugging that off- we need to interview contractors. Another bedroom is on the priority list for this old house!

Life Lesson: You should like Doctor #2


Scrap Book

China Dolls new career..... certainly a very good choice!

Scrap Book

Woah Momma! China Dolls idea~ and art work.
July 06' gettin' down to the wire!
China Doll modeling career....short lived
Going for the "Sporty Spice" look

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Introducing Eva

Before I continue my journey, there is someone I would like to introduce to you. She is very special to me. She is not of blood relation, but you would never know it.
She doesn't wear a crown- but I think she is a Queen. She isn't Mother Teresa- but her compassion for others is something to be acknowledged.
She has a warm and genuine smile. Her hugs are endless. She is a wife, mother, sister and friend. Her faith is strong and contagious. And it is she that gave my family the invitation..............

Meet Eva. My sister-in-law. Eva is married to Football Superstars brother.
Eva and I met on July 4th, 2004. She was living in Virginia at the time. It was a family bar-b-q that brought this large group together on a warm July afternoon. I met many family members....and it was on this day I met Mr. Ice Cream- Football Superstars father. Mrs. Ice Cream and I met at the karate school.
Bouncing from family member to family member with plenty of conversation. Travel topics, work topics, who is going where and doing what and not to leave out chatter about the delicious food!
I found myself talking to the woman with the warm smile. She was very interested in what I had to say. China Dolls adoption. My job. My hobbies. Wow....she must be bored because I'm so not interesting!
But it wasn't that I was interesting to Eva it was that we "clicked". From the beginning there was something- well, I can't even come up with the proper word-but we both knew there was something special about that July afternoon when we chatted under a shady Oak tree. or was it Maple?

Eva and I would get to see one another during family events.
They decided to move back to PA. And when they did....our sistership grew. Long talks on the phone. It would not matter to Eva if I called shouting good news or if I needed to vent- she listened. And if needed- offered encouraging words. Even now as I sit here typing I can not think of the perfect word- and it is driving me crazy!
Some things I just didn't journal very well on and this is one of them. growling at self

You will find more postings about Eva. What important role she plays and where she invited us to visit. I just felt it necessary to introduce someone who is very important to me....her brother in-law....our children and many others.
I'm usually thrown to the ground by Gracie to get the first hug from Eva. can shake your head.....I know you're thinking we are not mature women.

Darn....why can't I think of a word!

I have been so lucky to have many wonderful women to be my friends.....
I say we celebrate those wonderful women in our lives - mothers,sisters&friends.