Monday, May 24, 2010

Losing my religion

Life. The Art of Living. Zen. Soul Searching. Optimism. Racism. Pursuit of Happiness.

There are books and movies for every inch and square corner of our lives.
If I wanted to transform myself into a butterfly or learn to live with wolves, I can do it with a click of my computer mouse or a book from Borders.
I've done it. I've tried them - not all of them- but some good "reads" out there.

I am not a soul searcher by name. I have walked the art of living path.
And....I have walked the pain and hatred path. I rode a horse looking for the "Pursuit of Happiness" trail.

These trails, paths, coffee shop books and zen style teachings lasted for awhile....but not long enough to keep my fuel tank filled enough. Enough is the key word here.

As my happy life continued with my marriage and children- there was something missing.
Like the old skeleton keys that I collected- they all fit the old worn locks but sooner or later something else will break into your soul. I'm sure that babble just made no sense to my readers

Football Superstar and I talked "religion" one evening. Unexpected to say the least. We talked about the kids, the foundation of religion they really do not have. The "eduction" of religion. Christianity After all, giving our children the foundation will give them a better understanding when they become adults. Unlike my education on religion....where my belief was born out of fear. Or just because I was a good Catholic girl who did what she was told?
I had a lot to say about this decision. If we and thats a huge if we were going to start attending a church "for the kids" then I want to make sure there are the following:
1. No church politics
2. No gossiping women ....what's she wearing?
3. No church politics
4. No confession boxes
5. I will not join the choir
6. NO church politcs
7. Don't preach to me if you are not the pastor or minister
8. Did I already say no church politics? Yeah...I did...and yes I am a Democrat!

Okay then....where do we go? A small community church? A Methodist church? A Southern Baptist church? hey, been there and they are fun! A contemporary church. no, hear they are like cults
So we begin our "shopping". We visit. And we leave. I either fell asleep or I was under dressed.
Geez, this is hard. I want and demand diversity! people of color in Hanover???? There's a small Mexican Catholic church in Oxford we can attend. no Catholic churches remember
Football Superstar surprises me with the religious knowledge he apparently had hidden in his boxers. ? where is this knowledge coming from honey? Thought you didn't believe? Or you were Agnostic? Or was he in the; I'm -in-the-process- of-analyzing-and-reading-researching-and studying phase?
Where I'm in the; needing-my-incense-and buddha loves peace-and there better not be any guilt trip -I'll stare your "Oriental daughter" down stage. PS: she's Asian not an oriental carpet you idiot.

Phew! Thank goodness Eva comes to the rescue because another field trip like this and I was about to call it quits.
Eva and I were on the phone when I was babbling and huffing about this church shopping. As she calmly informed me that shopping was the best thing for us to do. We shouldn't just grab any church for the sake of "attending church".
Now, I have heard this statement from other people from time to time. "I think we'll go to'll do us some good". Oh, like I need to lose 10'll do me some good.

Eva invites us to visit her church- some Sunday. Not any particular Sunday- only extends the invite. Sweet and gentle words. No pressure. great would that be, because I LOVE MY EVA and being with her every Sunday would be nice.
But what are the chances of us really liking this church? It's contemporary. It's open denomination. It's large.
It's known for the large gathering of friendly happy people. I've heard rumors about this church. And so has Football Superstar. One rumor in particular is that it's only for rich people. laughing, I know Eva would laugh too
Another's cult like. Like the bad cult from the 60's cult? Geez...can't picture my Eva attending a Charles Manson
Let's go.....we'll visit and see what this church is like.

Why is everyone smiling at me???? What? They are taking their coffee cups in the.....the....auditorium.
Jeans...some folks have on jeans. Again, what's with the smiles....come on people what is in your coffee?
What is that music? Is there a rock concert and we forgot to purchase tickets? Holy toledo the band is good!
Where is the holy water? Oh, yeah...they would need bins of it for a service of 800 people
I'm the only person forming the sign-of-the-cross after hearing a prayer - sinking in chair...sinking in chair. Hey, at least I remembered how to do it!
Who's this guy? Why does he have jeans on? He's the....the...Pastor?????????? What's up with that?

We went back for more.

Life Lesson: Don't judge a book by its cover and do not listen to idle gossip!



  1. Church is a good place to be. The ultimate builder of the church is Jesus Christ, and he said the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Just keep in mind that the love of many shall wax cold because of the abundance of iniquity (people being led astray) - but he that shall endure to the end, the same shall be saved. In a word (actyually three), as they say in Australia, "Good-on-ya!"

  2. Lis,

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey, your honest thought process. There is so much truth woven in the thoughts you have written - the way "church" and "religion" draws people away from Christ instead of to him. Then there are people like Eva, who genuinely love Jesus and genuinely share his love with others. I'm so glad you joined the cult, and you shared this journey with us!

  3. That's one of the biggest reasons why I love our church, most people are so real and inviting.

  4. Stopped by to see how you were doing...looks like you are doing well.
    Sounds like you are visiting a church like ours...I hope you continue to feel at home and enjoy your fellowship.
    Have a great weekend,

  5. i haven't been on here for awhile and am catching up but had to comment here because i'm cracking up. i still think it's hyseterical that the rumor mill is it's a cult. seriously? i don't know if i should laugh or cry about that.

    and only for rich people? lol lol we do have some wealthy folks, but i know a lot of folks scrapin' by. and we are seriously not in the financially elite.

    i'm so glad that you were open to coming and that God rewards you richly for it:)