Monday, May 17, 2010

Dairy Queen must wait.....

July 18th.
I am scheduled for another routine check up with one of the lucky team players. First was a visit to Maternal Fetal Medicine for my early afternoon appointment. During my NST, Baby Girls heart rate was rapid. However, this has been the norm for her during the last four weeks. All ultra sounds were showing no indication of any heart issues. After leaving MFM, I drove home- first stopping at Dairy Queen. was hotter than blazes out there!
I arrived home to find Football Superstar mowing the grass....Freckle Boy and China Doll were recruited to rake or pick up fallen branches from our senior trees. We then discussed our evening plans. Where or what to eat. By the time I would arrive home from my second appointment of the day- I would be starving! I planned on going to this appointment alone....after all the lawn needed mowed - rain was on the horizon. AND I would be able to make that pit stop at DQ.
I never really craved DQ excuse could be that DQ sat waaaaay to close to the busy traffic light- which always seem to turn red right before I could turn left. DQ sits on the right. cough cough

My team player (doctor #3) is one that I have only seen a handful of times....she wasn't one of my top favorites. Perhaps it was our personalities. Me- happy. She- not so happy. Or so it seemed that way to me.

But on this day, my female team player takes a look at my blood pressure. She checks out my cankles....and says; "You need to get to the hospital- now". What? She never even examined me to see if I was dilated.....just drilled instructions where to go and what to do.
Okay...not a problem, however I did not eat and I wanted to catch Football Superstar at home to inform him of the new plans. I'm calling our home number and his cell. No answers. I leave at least 2 messages on both phones. Knowing how the kids accomplish their outside chores- they are bound to end up in the house soon and get my messages.
Okay this is where a well trained dog would pick up the phone and bark 4 times (like Lassie for Timmy) to alarm my family members I'm in "trouble". Hungry.
An hour after I was admitted to the maternity ward Football Superstar calls.....panic in his voice.
Thanks for calling me back, no, I'm fine.....just flippin' hungry!!!!!
Actually, he was very worried and felt horrible that no one noticed the messages on our home phone- or that he didn't have his cell phone, which was next to his brief case-in the house.

While my husband and excited children travel into the hospital....I was poked and probed and attached to monitors.
Baby Girls heart rate would jump up and the settle down. Once again, I had no real signs of my blood pressure sky rocketing. I felt fine. My cankles looked more like the Philsbury dough boys, but I just blamed that on the heat.
My blood pressure apparently was high enough I should not have been driving. Dang.....I wanted that DQ treat too!

My family arrives. China Doll and Freckle Boy looked like they were informed they will never have to do an ounce of homework again in their lives.....or we are going to move to the best theme park in the universe. They were like two excited monkeys in a zoo. Thank goodness for their grandmother- Mrs. Ice Cream. She came to the rescue and took the two monkeys to the hospital cafeteria. Reluctant- they leave with her.

Football Superstar is chatting with the nurse of the hour.....I was given a meal. Pork chops, mashed potatoes, candied carrots and a slice of NOT my brothers Italian wedding cake. I devoured everything. I even picked at the pork chop. I'm not a meat eater, but during my pregnancy - Dr. Football Superstar had me eat pork and chicken for added extra protein. Well...Heidi got more added extra protein, but we will never share that with him. SSShhhh.

Within 30 minutes the meal comes back to haunt me. I've never looked at pork chops the same way.
How do you people eat that stuff???

The monkeys go home with Mrs. Ice Cream. She is given a "To Do" list of instructions. Feed the dogs- feed the cat- make sure Heidi doesn't eat the cats food- grab the kids clothes -grab our clothes- don't let the cat run out the back door- turn on the porch light- call everyone on the list.

Thinking I'll deliver within the next few hours....Limo Driver was called immediately. She was asked to be in the delivery room with us- recording the event as Football Superstar "coaches" me. laughing

I'm in a room with another mommy-to-be. I'm miserable from whatever it is that made me miserable. Possibly from the volcanic pork chop meal.
This room mate had 5 visitors. It was like a block party. People floating in and out....they even had KFC delivered by a friend. What the what is going on behind that curtain? Don't they know that the smell of fried chicken is sending me over the edge????
Finally I am moved to a private room. I only smell sterile room- not chicken. Limo Driver is snapping photos with her cute floral disposable camera. She loved those things.
Football Superstar stands by my side asking what he can do for me..... how about pulling out this baby girl of yours? Mmm?? Can you do that????
I've been examined and told that I am only a centimeter dilated. Baby Girl is positioned- but not too worried about coming out into her new world.

I've seen my other team players- my midwife who is gentle and encouraging. Ms. Deb tells me that my baby is positioned- however, she may need encouragement. She laughs....and explains to us what they are planning to do next. Dilate me. I'm okay with this....Ms. Deb is nice and gentle.
What? YOU are not staying? We are informed Dr. It's a Miracle (doctor #2) is on duty. I don't want him!
He comes in the room with a cranberry colored shoe string like thing......tells me to relax oh, geez and within 10 -12 hours I should be fully dilated and ready to deliver. But during this time, he is looking at my husband telling him what I need to do. Stop resisting as he examines me.....relax......breath....... oh, perhaps he didn't know that as I'm on my back I'm beginning to feel the volcano erupt again! As much as I wanted to slap that doctor, puking on him would have made me feel better. Limo Driver has the bed pan. She just saved your butt doc!

Football Superstar is in the hallway talking with Ms. Deb/midwife and Dr. Miracle.
I was hoping maybe Football Superstar was throwing the doctor down the hall like a good pass. such luck.
Limo Driver goes home for the night- and returns the next morning. Like 6:00 am.
What seemed like an eternity- my 13 hours are up....and it's early morning. No difference. hero walks in. The bestest team player of all! Dr. He Looks Too Young (doctor #1).
Dr. HLTY looks at Football Superstar and says c-section.
As we look at each other....we are thinking the same....what time would this be scheduled?
Now. Without adding "emergency" we then learn within 20 minutes my c-section was orchestrated like a classical concert. My blood pressure shot up again- Baby Girls heart rate dangerously dropped.
Nurse #1 instructs Limo Driver to take off what ever jewelry I was wearing and throws a pass to Football Superstar- a package containing scrubs. Limo Driver is told she may not go back in the OR with us. Tears begin to well up in her eyes and mine. I'm grabbing onto her hand as they roll my bed into never ever land.
I can't find my husband, but the anesthesiologist is cracking jokes with me....I see faces smiling over me as they begin to warm up their instruments. I'm waiting on the walks my husband. He is dressed in light blue scrubs with a surgical mask covering his mouth- but I can see that broad smile.
He is offered a stool to sit beside me- but he politely refuses. What's he doing?
There in all his glory- my husband watches the entire concert. No shudders or OMG look on his face. Only that broad smile and wide eyes showing amazement. I hear voices but see nothing except for the blue tent in front of me. I can see reflections from the space ship light fixture that brightens up the entire room.
I keep asking if he can see her.....I don't hear cries.... then I hear Dr. HLTY speak these words; "the cord is wrapped around...neck......she's out". No immediate cry as I thought I would hear. Then it happens- a very crackling cry. She's with daddy- and the cord is cut.
Football Superstar walks her over to me....all I am able to do is kiss her.
My arms are flat out by my sides with cords and gadgets- feeling like I'm tied onto a cross. Can't move my arms...can't touch my beautiful baby girl. She's perfect. Healthy. And has the fullest round rose-y cheeks. Apple Cheeks.

Life Lesson: To believe in miracles- or not to believe in miracles. That is the question.


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  1. I will choose to believe in Miracles. How can you not when you see the birth of a child. God's best witness. Thanks for sharing the details...gave me a well deserved laugh!