Thursday, May 20, 2010

Almost up to date with This and That.

I"m almost up to date here!
Apple Cheeks was born July 19th, 2006.
And thanks again to a spectacular team of players- my recovery went well. Minus a few issues upstairs in the recovery wing of the hospital. One, having the nurse from you know where. She tried every trick in her book to intimidate me.....and it would have worked if not for Football Superstar! He stayed with us the entire time while Apple Cheeks and I stayed in the hospital.
China Doll and Freckle Boy came to visit daily. They would go to the pool with Grandma- Mrs. Ice Cream and pop in to visit us bringing an armful of goodies for me to snack on. Soggy soft pretzels from the pool snack bar.....or a chocolate chip cookie that was made on July 19, 2004. ? hopefully the cookie wasn't that old...but it certainly didn't taste fresh! I was the thought of love that counted!

Apple Cheeks had plenty of visitors during our stay at the hospital. My father/Pop Pop, aunts and uncles, friends and cousins.
My mother wasn't able to meet Apple Cheeks until we arrived home. And my father-in-law, Mr. Ice Cream wasn't able to either....he was ill and in the hospital months prior to learning of our newest news.
But shortly after arriving home, Apple Cheek's other grandparents who were anxious to meet, hug and love her finally had their chance.

Our household was busy for weeks.....we had non-stop company. I don't think I ever felt this popular since I brought China Doll home from China! laughing!

Heidi Mae and Sam bonded with Apple Cheeks almost immediately. Sir Clementine could have cared less. "Feed me and leave me be"....that was his motto.
Heidi began to bond the most with Apple Cheeks. well, it's probably because she moves around more- Sam prefers to find a nice spot and sleep - but he did admire this squeaky little bundle of joy!
Apple Cheeks would look for this oversized stuffed animal named Heidi. She would follow the clicking sound of the dogs nails on the wood floor as she would pace.....listen for the barks or whines......listen for the sniffing sound around her tiny little toes.
Apple Cheeks would let out a loud squeaky laugh whenever Heidi sniffed her tiny toes, always ending up with a case of the hick-ups due to her entertainment. This was the beginning of a very tight that I've seen before. China Doll and our Aurelia. Aurelia would sleep under China Dolls crib....and became my "baby monitor" when even the smallest sign of my little Chinese wonder stirred in her crib.
Heidi was becoming my four legged Nanny. I know...I know....those readers who are not animal lovers may feel I'm nuts, yeah, I am....but I am a firm believer than animals tune into us humans- when we allow them too.
If I was cleaning or attacking laundry- Heidi would tune into the baby monitor before I would hear a peep. She would stand at the bottom of the second floor stairway and look at the door.....look at me....back at the door....then bark. Nine times out of ten, Apple Cheeks would be awake head poking up like a little bird looking for her friend. Or a meal.
Snuggle time usually consisted of me and Apple Cheeks and Heidi. No, not both on my lap. Heidi at my feet as I rocked Apple Cheeks. This normally "Nervous Nelly" of a dog- became a calm female warrior. The natural instinct of her breed brought many memories back to me of another four legged Nanny I once had the pleasure to live with.
What is this dog thinking? Why does she look at my baby in such a way? She can't see in color.....she can't "do" anything for this little baby as she would a puppy.....she can't even play with this little baby girl, so what is going thru this K-9 brain of hers?
If God created such a creature- what did He give them in order to create such a bond with a human?
this is me thinking out loud- it's really not a question

Or was this mans doing? The German general who bred the first German Shepherd Dog. The noble, intelligent and protective breed. Did he give this dog- who is generations after generations after generations bred down from the highest of all nobel breeds the "gift" of __________?
again, thinking out loud

This post wasn't to be all about Heidi Mae's Flash of New York State. It was about a tiny little baby girl who glistened when a large and loud dog came into view.
Months later, as Apple Cheeks begins to crawl and wasn't only our family members who trotted after her it was Heidi. Protectively placing her body in between a little body and a door way. This dog was NEVER the heck she know to do that???? We can't even get Heidi to stop eating cat food, how did she get so darn smart? I always say to Football Superstar- it's because she was born in New York! ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah, okay be real Lis.
What ever it is....this bond continues to grow and grow. I share things with Eva....and my doggy lovin' friends and family.
If anything, it's the coolest of moments to watch. Video and pictures to share with Apple Cheeks when she gets older.
And right I type this- Apple Cheeks is sitting at her table coloring a picture for Pop Pop- while Heidi sits right by her little toes.

Sir Clementine passed away a year ago. I missed having a cat sitting on our window sill. But I didn't want to rush out and adopt one or even pick up a "free kitten" from a farmer.
One day I noticed a Maine Coon rescue page and there was an adult male in need of a good home. I was a day too late- he was adopted. Sharon has a Maine Coon and Baxter is a gorgeous cat- and sweet.
I decided to wait and contact the Humane Society. And this is where we found and fell in love with our newest addition- September Moon. Thank you Football Superstar for my sweet cuddly gift!

So now our household is made up of 5 humans and 3 furbabies. It's busy, and chaotic and you may find large hair balls floating across the creeky pine floor or trip over a squeaky toy or maybe sit on a miniature doll house accessory. But it's our fun chaotic home- filled with kids, critters, love and a dash of humor. We are real. We have teens now and one toddler. I have a lot of chocolate - it helps me deal with my teens! ha ha ha!!!!
We are on a journey....... together.
It's This and That which helps me to be thankful.

Life Lesson: Stay on the path.....


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