Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Introducing Eva

Before I continue my journey, there is someone I would like to introduce to you. She is very special to me. She is not of blood relation, but you would never know it.
She doesn't wear a crown- but I think she is a Queen. She isn't Mother Teresa- but her compassion for others is something to be acknowledged.
She has a warm and genuine smile. Her hugs are endless. She is a wife, mother, sister and friend. Her faith is strong and contagious. And it is she that gave my family the invitation..............

Meet Eva. My sister-in-law. Eva is married to Football Superstars brother.
Eva and I met on July 4th, 2004. She was living in Virginia at the time. It was a family bar-b-q that brought this large group together on a warm July afternoon. I met many family members....and it was on this day I met Mr. Ice Cream- Football Superstars father. Mrs. Ice Cream and I met at the karate school.
Bouncing from family member to family member with plenty of conversation. Travel topics, work topics, who is going where and doing what and not to leave out chatter about the delicious food!
I found myself talking to the woman with the warm smile. She was very interested in what I had to say. China Dolls adoption. My job. My hobbies. Wow....she must be bored because I'm so not interesting!
But it wasn't that I was interesting to Eva it was that we "clicked". From the beginning there was something- well, I can't even come up with the proper word-but we both knew there was something special about that July afternoon when we chatted under a shady Oak tree. or was it Maple?

Eva and I would get to see one another during family events.
They decided to move back to PA. And when they did....our sistership grew. Long talks on the phone. It would not matter to Eva if I called shouting good news or if I needed to vent- she listened. And if needed- offered encouraging words. Even now as I sit here typing I can not think of the perfect word- and it is driving me crazy!
Some things I just didn't journal very well on and this is one of them. growling at self

You will find more postings about Eva. What important role she plays and where she invited us to visit. I just felt it necessary to introduce someone who is very important to me....her brother in-law....our children and many others.
I'm usually thrown to the ground by Gracie to get the first hug from Eva. can shake your head.....I know you're thinking we are not mature women.

Darn....why can't I think of a word!

I have been so lucky to have many wonderful women to be my friends.....
I say we celebrate those wonderful women in our lives - mothers,sisters&friends.



  1. What a great honor to Eva...what a beautiful smile, and I can imagine her under the tree, sitting and visiting. You are blessed to have a sister in law like rare in many families. I can't wait to read more, smiling at the great gift the Lord has given us in our sister-friends. Have a great mother's day!

  2. Eva seems wonderful! How nice it is when our sister-in-laws turn into our friends!