Saturday, August 13, 2011


Have I ever regifted? yes

Much thought goes into purchasing gifts. No matter the occasion.... the gift can be a difficult decision. Depends on the person and the occasion.... my passion or thought process usually determines who gets what. Or what gets who. Oh, I've given Regift some passionate thought!

Does God ReGift?

I have been under a pressure cooker with my job. I'm about to explode....but there are these gentle- yet firm hands on my shoulders telling me to stay calm...don't go back the not put these issues on your priority list....who gets what gift is on his priority list -> His method of keeping me focused<
My gift from God is always a regifted one. He gives me what I need every day of the week.
And my thankless days are building. I know it. I see it. And I feel it. But I lack the discipline that I need to thank Him back the gift.

Just when I think I have it in me to not stumble and fall..... I do. Just when I think I'm willing and able to walk away from temptation....I can't. People will drag and pull you into the vortex and without a safety harness it's almost impossible to free yourself.
I'm tempted by idol chatter in the work place. I find myself wanting to "correct" these women who are chattering.... then I find myself listening....falling. I am angered by feeling "taken advantage of". At times I listen and watch as if I'm an innocent child being given a gift beyond gifts. And I know better than this! I hear this voice talk to me every time these "events" take place. I know not to listen or to respond. And if I do the voice immediately shouts "why"!

I've tried to regift what God has given me to my coworkers. Gently. Unannounced. Are they accepting the gift? No...and that is okay. But I know they see me pulling away. They can not place their red ink pens on what is happening with this teacher who smiles and places herself in the back row, not the jury nor the judge.

Regifting at the work place is very hard to's a challenge. But I'm called to do so.
For the time I remain at the academy I will place passionate thought behind each and every gift I hand out. Prayers...this will be very hard.

The Gift of Grace.