Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lions,Tigers, Bears and F-Bombs...oh my!!

Football Superstar and I were chatting this morning over coffee.... topic- Respect.
Mmm....where does one find this?    Are you able to purchase it online?     Does it come wrapped in brown paper and string?   Does it come with a guarantee-return it back for full refund?

Respect:   A feeling of deep admiration of someone or something.   To respect.   Given respect.

Oh, yes....I do believe I remember hearing about this.

Respect is something I know that can be earned.   To be given.   And to be received.

Now.... thinking about this word Respect, makes me think of the moments I sit in my office at school adjacent to the library.  I keep the door open for windows will make one climb the walls at times- I hear echos of the what sounds like lions, tigers and bears.    Actually it is not at all's human voices throwing out the F-bomb.   Yes.... it's the F-Bomb Storm Troopers throwing the toxic shock word through the hallways.  On occasion I will hear an adult voice (armed I am sure) throw back a grenade - with words like "stop that".... "excuse me????" ..... "watch that tone young man/lady"!
Yes, my friends we have come to the time of our lives when disrespecting is no longer cheating on a test or hooking out of school on a beautiful sunny day.
It's come to our language.   Our American society of "who cares" - "who gives a flying f*$#?"

I respect Football Superstar.    He respects me.  Our children see this.
We try to give our children the tools they need for this world.   To step out into society and treat people with Respect.     To be lions or tigers and bears of admiration to others.   To be role models.

I find it hard to imagine having a conversation with my husband without respecting one another.
Or living together without morals and admiration for each other.

I said to my husband.....  imagine our life full of bleeps.   ?    he shakes his head.... no.


Aretha Franklin said it very clearly.....  R-E-S-P-E-C-T..... what does it mean to you?

Lis  xoxox

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stories to tell

Hello blogging friends.
Struggling I am....what to write about these days. I'm in awe with my favorite bloggers....what each on of you wonderful ladies write....what I read and what I digest from your powerful words. Inspiration you all are to me.
Once again, I come to a road block in my journey. Why? Why can't I seem to stay on track....on the course....on the once freshly paved road to my spiritual journey. Why is it that when I think I have something to say to you (type on my borrowed keyboard) I fail to do so. Coming from a gal who is never lost for words..... now I am. I wouldn't make the cut for professional writer...oh, but wait....this brings something to my simple mind!
I received a question of what happened to Football Superstar .... our journey. Maybe this is something to write about? Don't know..... would they be interested in this on-going romance?
Geez, we are just two regular Joe's. We are not Bradjolina. So why would anyone be interested in us?
Well, let me just say that thanks to Gracie- she gave me a book to read. I'm enjoying, yes, truly I am....but there was this "hey, who does this author think she is...taking my romantic story about a girl who was going to move to NYC and move on with her life....who does this now "country cooking wife" think she is? Well, she beat me to the punch-that's who she is! She wrote a blog, a romantic book, a cookbook, magazine articles, been seen on the Today Show and now has her own show on food net work!
So thanks to Gracie, and this mystery book- I've decided to focus on what God has been doing in my our my life with Football Superstar. Yep, I've decided to stop thinking about what God is just doing in my keeping me together....and give snippets of how my very own blue-eyed sexy man (yes I said it) Football Superstar are doing. Don't worry, it's not going to be full of sap and spice.

Maybe this thought of writing something that happens daily, weekly, monthly in my life- in my real life has been triggered by what I had to fight my roller-coaster emotions for. And what I am witnessing happen to many around me. Marriages are being torn apart- some are just beginning.
Relationships are becoming broken and promises glued back together for a period of time.
Makes me wake up..... makes me realize that I've got a lot of answering to God about and a lot of thanking Him for! I'm finding myself once again of being that spoiled brat- maybe the young girl who wanted what she wanted- who could fend for herself- who felt a sense of being brave and in control once again.
And maybe.......just maybe it took two very strong men to wake me up.

Peace& Love