Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Merry......Friendship(s)

This has been a very long break. Way too long. Not only due to my computer making a crash landing, but my mind did as well.
Each time I would sit down to journal there was this _______. (blank)
I could think of nothing. Those who know me would say this is a first. Me without words is like Mickey Mouse without Minnie. Like a fine wine without the richest cheese.

I've experienced this once before but this time I think my lack of words- my conversations with Him have stood still like water in a puddle. Most of the time my mind flows like a fast moving stream along the side of a meadow. I can see the water racing along the rocks and broken branches from pines. I can smell the wild flowers and grasses that grow throughout the meadow. And that is what brings the words to my mind. What happened? Why does this happen?
Why do I feel as if my compass has broken?

I'm surrounded by wonders. My husband, my children and friends. My job is secure, my future looks bright. But what makes us (me) lose focus- or direction?

The other night I opened my journal..... again.......nothing. I prayed.

This morning I decided to log onto my blog. I noticed two comments from November.
Shame on me.
And here I mind racing again like the river along the meadow. My (blogging) friends who I not only appreciate but respect and admire. When I read your words- it not only gives me inspiration but I know it is reality. Your own spiritual journey. One day I hope our paths cross. And for those who I have met.....I hope to meet with you again.

What's next? For this new season......this new year that is approaching........I will stay connected. I must. This is what races through my mind. The river flows.
I want to smell the meadow.......

Happy New Year to you all.
And thanks for not giving up on my blog! : )