Friday, September 30, 2011

Rule of Life

Rule of Life. I hear this come out of Olivia's mouth over and over again- Olivia as in Olivia the hyper active piglet who test her mother and Mrs. Hogenmoller {teacher} patience.
Olivia's one liner comes either at the beginning or end of each show: Rule of Life #......

One rainy morning before I bravely headed out to grocery shop, I hear those words ringing in the background.....Apple Cheeks is watching....... Rule of Life #55..... ugh!!!
As I quickly make an exit to my car I couldn't help but hear Olivia..... her irritating little squealing pig voice...... rule of life.... rule of life.... rule of life!!!!
* * * * * * * *
The week is in full tilt. Wednesday evenings Football Superstar and I go to a prayer class hosted by our church. I must say I was apprehensive in the beginning- I felt prayer was private- only for me- only between God and myself- why would I want to share my prayers with others(?). complete strangers?
I'm learning there are a bazillion sorry ways to pray. I won't get in to the why's, how's, when and should we pray...... but something hit me this past Wednesday as I admitted to Esther our instructor/prayer leader that I did not do my homework! As we begin session #3- Model for Prayer- part 2, I'm listening to Esther yet I hear Olivia in the background. Yes, the pig.
Rules. Rules to live by. Ruling. Our Ruler.
To declare who God is. Jehovah-Rohi. Jehovah-Shalom. Jehovah-Shammah.
We are told to think on the implications of these names and you'll have plenty to praise God for! and there are more

I lived under certain "rules of life" for a very long time in my early Christian years. As a Roman Catholic I thought only our patron saints- the holy saints could pray successfully. Our rulers in the church had the monopoly on praying.
Rulers. Rule of Life.

God talked with man. I can talk with God.
God was in the garden with man. God is everywhere with me.
So why wouldn't we be able to talk with God? Anytime- anywhere?
To be real. To be ourselves. He already knows us.... so why not be revealing-- honest.

Prayer has some true power. I've learned recently
The Incredible POWER of Prayer.

"Prayer changes things....... and US!"
Ronald Dunn

Rule of Life #1. pray

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meet Megan

Today I wanted to play catch up on here. I wanted to grab my journal and tell the world about my wonderful news. the position I've been waiting for!
As I was checking my facebook status last evening I noticed a message on my wall from a high school classmate- Megan Pierce-Sheibner. It sparked my interest because of the message she posted- along with the youtube video. excitement was difficult to cap.... but I watched the video.

Megan and I were in a few classes together- not many. Geez, I'm getting too old to really remember who was in my high school class! We were in band front marching in skimpy Trojan attire with Peter Pan hats. We did our routine with fake ridiculous swords. As any Trojan would. Sorry Megan!
Sadly, I never really knew Megan.

Graduation- lives go in different directions. Years pass.

Then facebook comes into the lives of many. We are friends again. Thanks to facebook.
Megan is probably the only Boston Red Sox fan that I like.

Megan- this woman who I now know as a christian, wife, mother, educator, friend of many.
I felt my world stop while watching the video she posted on my wall.
That is Megan's husband! This was their life!
Tears. Sadness. Selfish relief.

I wanted to reach out through my computer and embrace Megan and Steve.

I learned a lesson while listening and watching their video.

This morning I had Football Superstar watch. He had no words. I could see emotion in his eyes. How fortunate we are each day. Each moment of our life is a gift from God.
Our God is so amazing. And God's purpose. What about that?

Thank you Megan for sharing your story...... for bringing your family into my home. Into our lives.
PS.....this does not change my mind how I feel about the Red Sox! giggling.


I would like to encourage everyone to link onto

Steve and Megan Scheibner