Saturday, March 20, 2010

I just need to say...........

To my readers~ supporters~ and critics (giggling)
I just need to say Thank You!

After reading a few comments and now receiving e-mail on my postings I can not help but laugh to the point know.
I'm flattered to find my "words" enjoyable for you to read- so far.
I am trying not to make my journey sound as if it is a poorly written script for a Life Time movie- I do hope it doesn't sound that bad!
So I'll apologize if it gets a little sappy or I sound like a hopeless romantic (because I really am).
Sharon, I would so deserve that slap....or the phone call from you! (now laughing loudly thinking about your e-mail)
And if any of you know Sharon personally- no cheating!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend....enjoy this fantastic sunshine!!!



  1. I love your writing - a Lifetime Movie? I never thought that. I can't wait till you get to where you are reunited with the Lord. You're building up to it. I love people's stories - they amaze me. And it's so interesting to learn about how somebody else is doing life - you know? We all have about the same amount of time here on Earth, and since we live in the U.S. we have similar advantages. So what do we do differently with our time? That's the interesting part. I hope you keep writing.

  2. Emily, thank you.....I will continue writing....I've been somewhat preoccupied trying to get my little shop opened for the season...I would appreciate any cooperation from Mother Nature. : )
    Last night I copied from my diary- so hopefully this weekend during the silent hours of nighttime I can create a new post.
    Have a wonderful weekend!