Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scrap Book

China Doll
Apple Cheeks
Birthday Girl!!
China Doll & September Moon
China Doll & Freckle Boy *I'm sure he isn't thrilled with this name....but I can't help myself!


  1. Oh...your apple cheeks is four!!! You are so like me, well I have older ones too, but teens and is so precious. All of yours are just beautiful...enjoy mother!!!! I love having a four year old at my age (49)

  2. Those cupcakes look marvelous and your kiddos are beautiful(the girls) and handsome(Freckles)!

  3. {Janette} It's quite an adventure - forever young adventure having two teens and one pre-schooler! As much as I may find myself wanting to pass out on the couch eating Ben&Jerry's..... I love every moment of their age differences. My parents had the exact situation....I came along 10 years after my brother!

    {Emily} The cupcakes were fabulous!! (I did not bake them) and thank you.... I give all the credit to Football Superstar for his great looks....and I can't help but think that China Dolls bio-momma was gorgeous! : )

  4. Aw, what cute pictures! You have a lovely blog...

  5. That is our age span on the last two - 10 years and I always love hearing stories of people who grew up like that...our span is 26 to 4!
    Yes I too want to just fall on the couch...mine is such a talker that I think my ears will fall off...or maybe my mid-age brain fog will cause that.
    Enjoy!!!!!!!!! Everyone thinks we are so much younger because of the little one...that is fun!!!