Friday, August 13, 2010

Goin' Green/Goin' Christian

A decision to "Go Green" is not a hard one to make for me. I've always been cautious of my actions towards the environment. I have worn t-shirts shouting phrases for protection not only the air we breath.... but the animals who share our planet. I've protested for cleaner air and water- putting poachers in their place- put your cigarette butt in it's place.

Going Green for my household can be tricky with 2 teens and 1 pre-schooler. Especially when we do not have recycling- road side. We must drive recycles to a specific place.
Going Green also means continuously reminding ourselves and our children.
Using less water. Using less electricity. Using less gas. We have a Hybrid vehicle....and we are now sharing it! Talk about a test of marriage! {see future post}

Regardless on your view of the world- whether you go green, sage or mint- one thing you can count on is that you'll never receive a black mark for going that route. You may get eyes rolled at you- but I doubt you'll receive the black mark.

Bottom line: It's a lifestyle.

Our decision to "Go Christian" was somewhat of a challenge. for me
And how does one go about "going christian?" ???

If you have read other post I have written- I mention what hypocrites of the christian faith have done to damage my views. And now, I simply do not want to come across as if I were, was,is a hypocrite.......I want to come across as if I, well, recycled God.
Like recycling, living a christian life is challenging. It's a lifestyle. Not a "when you feel like it". Yet, becoming a christian by being a "do gooder" does not get your foot into heavens gate.
and I'll apologize ~just incase I say something damaging to my readers

Sadly, Christianity has a black mark.

For me, this journey has been the best journey I have taken. And like any trip we prep ourselves for- there are a few areas where you just can't perfectly prepare for.

Detours- road blocks-blurred vision-flat tire.

For myself, I needed to dispose of the thought that you can only be a true christian if you know the Bible from front to back- can recite scripture and understand it's meaning!
I am thankful to know christians who truly walk the walk..... I also know "christians" that constantly remind me that they are christians....they have always and forever been on the stairway to heaven. Or were they referring to the song? Don't know. Doesn't matter.

Following Christ for me is something I must remind myself of every moment- of every waking day. It's not the acts of kindness I'll do for my once employer the homeless's not about me picking up someone's trash and it's certainly not about me advertising that I am now a christian each time I pass you on the street. What I must make clear is that I am a believer.
I am a follower who struggles everyday with sinful thoughts. the glare I give the woman in line at Wal-Mart or the racist who lives in my community
I struggle with prayer. I struggle with forgiveness. I struggle with those simple things that may come to others so easily. I'm not ashamed to admit those flaws I have as this newly recycled follower. My recycling of faith has been tested and proved to remain sturdy. I'll break or fold that's for sure....but I know where to take a nasty mess now. It will no longer linger for days....the mess is cleaned up and forgiven. No matter how big of a mess we make of our lives.
This new recycled {woman} mess has not changed so I"m told much. I'm still the happy-go-lucky chatter box, that will open my arms out to hug you and share a laugh- even if I do not know you.
Come on now....don't go crossing the street when you see me coming!

Bottom Line: It's a lifestyle.

Life Lesson: Recycling comes in all areas of our lives. If you do not recycle...give it some thought.



  1. Totally....we have all been burned by other Christians... sad to say I may have burned others along the way not realizing it. At this point in life I have chosen to forgive...that is right chosen, because it is Me that needs to forgive, not that they need it. When I think of what Christ did for Me I am humbled...and He did it without me doing anything...a gift.
    I cherish the gift, but I also don't want to hit anyone on the head with the mentioned above my challenges have been more from what has been done to me from the Body of Christ than non-believers, but than once again it reminds me how much we all need a Savior.
    Love this post........really, really do!!!
    Hugs for being honest and reminding me that I too am a hypocrite at different times.....oh, I don't have a fish on my car!!!
    As for going green...well it is the planet God created, I think Christians should be taking the best care of it! always,

  2. great post..what you said is soo true.

  3. Dear friend, thank you for your visit.

    We are stewards of God 's earth an d should us e our God given resources responsibly and take care of them.

    Greetings from India

  4. Your honesty about what you struggle with is refreshing. I think a lot of us as Christians don't like to talk about what we struggle with and instead smile and say everything is ok. In the real world, we struggle daily because we are imperfect!
    I struggle with my temper, having too high of expectations of myself and others and depression. I know God still loves me and I press on.
    Sorry about all of us who appear to hypocrites. I think it was something our parents did and we learned. Today, I believe in honesty and if you ask me, I'll tell you just how I am.

  5. LOVE your honesty! Heavens yes, can we all please just be real. That's all God is asking. And to recycle too, of course...

  6. I love to read about your journey, your honesty. Yet in your honesty, truth is revealed that needs to be heard. Thank you, for continuing to share and challenge those of us who need to see how we represent our Lord.

  7. Hi Lis,
    I'm back on blogworld, and it feels good to be reading your post today.

    You know, as I read your words, I feel like I know you face to face. Something so warm and so honest in the way you share your heart.

    Yes, I totally agree with you here. We're all in process. We all struggle. If you're like me (in some ways) you probably do not like it also when other Christians use the precious word of God as a battering ram (no matter how well intentioned they may be).

    I smiled when you mentioned Stairway to Heaven reminds you of a song.

    Love the pictures of your family...lovely children. Happy Birthday to the little one.

    Yes...GO GREEN!

    That means being fresh, pliable, open, mold-able, teachable...ready to be emptied and refilled...

    Have a great day, Lis!

    Love lots,

  8. I am so pleased that the bad image portrayed to you by 'Christians', didn't hinder you from coming to Christ. While others (believers and non-believers) will undoubtedly fail you, He NEVER will!

    The Living, resurrected, all-powerful God is the one constant, the one Rock, that you can confidently lean on, trust in, and place your whole heart and life in. He is amazing, wonderful and everything that is good in life. I am so blessed you know Him too. It is a wonderful journey, not always easy, but filled with a supernatural peace that money can't buy.

    Bless you on this beautiful journey Lis...