Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stop the madness!!!


I'll warn you- this post has nothing to do with my journey- well, I guess it could. I was undecided - to post or not to post- and well, I did.
This is a story of a woman who has been harassed, teased, insulted - call it what you will- in the end- all I'm saying is " STM"!!!!

Does it really matter to anyone in my group of friends or my family who I voted for in our most recent election- for President?
Does it really matter who was in office during 9/11, the fall of our economy, the fall of man?
Does it really matter to you what I feel deep within my little ol' heart? Politically speaking here now.

Well, apparently to one man, who I will not name but will dub him as "MR. MYPEOPLEARERIGHTYOURPEOPLEAREWRONG".
I've been receiving e-mail jokes regarding our President.
These e-mails have not only be rude,racial and disrespectful but have become harassing.
Okay- before you say, block his e-mail- I have folks. So due to my blocking - I'm now receiving the oh, I'm gonna be a jokester and pull this sensitive gals tail one more time- phone calls.
I'm not related to this person. I've known this person for some time now.
I've tried the nice gal trail and kept my tail pinned between my legs, asking for strength to not explode with an angry bark over the phone or bite him thru the fence by stating "does this matter?" And if so...why?
WRONG!!!! Apparently it does matter!

Football Superstar tells me to ignore him. To allow people who feel empowered to speak their tongues and bother me? No, that is not what my husband is saying.
What he is saying is I'm going to find ignorance no matter where I walk, swim, work, and play. which I do know this
I'm to gracefully tell Mr. MYPEOPLEARERIGHTYOURPEOPLEAREWRONG to please stop sending me e-mails or any other source of information what he meant was bull sh*t due to my Christian beliefs. It's offensive- end of discussion. And, I really didn't want to get my husband involved in this->unless it would be absolutely necessary.

What I want to say is this: STOP the MADNESS! I am 100% a supporter of our country.
Racial slurs offend me- I have a Chinese daughter, duh my father is a "Whap" which would make me one, I have African American, Asian, Puerto Rican and blended friends, I also have Republican friends....and you know what they tell me...people like YOU embarrassed THEM.

Okay, my dream conversation went somewhat like that~ with a few extra ingredients. But how I informed this man was with the grace my husband suggested I add to the recipe, not hot peppers.
Let's see how it taste....MMmmmmm, haven't had a call or a harassing joke sent via e-mail.

My only last word that I need to get in, or type is I still find it amazing that in todays society- there are people that refuse to look at the big picture. My husband laughs at me because I just can't let some things go. I get a hug....and I promise to be a good girl as my Football Superstar heads out the door. I grin, give him a kiss and ask what color peace sign should I get tattooed on my bum? I'm looked at oddly. Well, the next time I need to say my piece/peace.....I'll just shoot over a friendly moon! Good bye honey- and please stay in the house today.
Why does my dear sweet street rat Ginny come back to mind? Oh, yeah....I'm a pit bull with my tail waggin'.

Have a groovy day folks! And let's keep the peace!


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