Friday, July 9, 2010

Dance the Day Away....

To Dance:

I will stop looking back WITH REGRETS......
or looking forward WITH FEAR.....
and give the best I have today.

I will celebrate the relationships I share and never take them for granted.
I will treasure them~ as one of life's sweetest joys.

I will take pleasure in the smiles that warm me
and in the hugs that always say "I love you."

I will stop hiding my problems and doubts and trepidation
and confront whatever is in front of me
in the present moment.

I will let the love of God touch the depths of my heart
and mold me into the person I should be.
I will make love the center of my being and all I do.

I will not stand to the side and allow the music in my heart
to fade away and die...
I will dance to my own life song.

Recently I pulled out one of my favorite "gentle reminder" books.... DANCE While You Can by
Lance Wubbels. A special gift from Eva.....this sweet little book is filled with beautiful photos and words. Inspirational & encouraging.

Have a wonderful weekend~ and get out there and dance!



  1. Love this...maybe because in the center of my being I am a dancer. Love the encouraging words.Thanks for sharing

  2. I should print this out and read it everyday before I go to work. I go back to work on Monday after being off for a week and during my vacation I thought too much about work and my anxiety over it. Thank you so much for posting these words, they are exactly what I needed to hear - I just wish I could truely, without any doubt and fear, live this out minute by minute of every day.