Friday, July 16, 2010

Thank You

Sharon owner/designer of TEA BREWS PEACE
Brenda- in the Dominican Republic {an Italian friend I will one day meet at the Piazza}

Mother Teresa
Doctors Without Borders
Greg Mortenson

With Compassion
With Love
With Devotion
A Vision
A Mission
A Purpose

6 different people
6 separate parts of the globe
with 1 goal~

I want to thank you~

And to many other organizations or groups that I have not mentioned- thank you.
As our media world focuses on so much negative stories because they sell and as a society we are so interested we rarely hear the positive stories in the media of what is taking place in our world. The danger our missionaries place themselves in to feed, clothe and educate some of the poorest and violent countries. The vision of a church leader- his/her "vacation" is traveling to Cuba or India to help build a well. The financial donation(s) from the CEO of a company to the orphanage in Haiti. The Youth Group who travel over summer vacation for a moment they will never forget- craft time in a ghetto outside of Brooklyn~~ I could go on and on forever.....but I think you get my message. I'm hoping you do
Our visions and missions begin within our own 4 walls.



  1. Yes!!! It so much better to look at all the good that is done and not just the bad. My son just got a new job and the thing that won him over was all the contributions the company makes to so many charities...his comment was that he would be having a part in that...he spent last summer building a playground for lower income children who didn't have anywhere to play.
    Yes...thank you goes out to all of these

  2. Thank you, Lis, for sharing this. Such a moving post. You are right. Focus on what's done right...on the love...on the care...on the sacrifice.