Monday, July 26, 2010

Patience or Bust!

"Oh, Lord....grant me the patience......."

I would hear this line so often in my house- my Mother- my angry Mother- my frustrated Mother- my Mother who thinks she knows everything Mother.
I stole her favorite line.

Over the past few weeks while driving my precious cargo around to the pool, to summer field hockey tournaments, to visit family and friends I have been asking, well, probably screaming "Oh, Lord grant me patience!" due to reckless & aggressive drivers. Patience~ because my inner lining was beginning to boil. Can't these people see that I have my children in the car? Do they notice the speed limit is 45 and quickly jumps to 25 within a few yards? Do they not understand YIELD at the round-about? What is so important that someone feels the need to tailgate another person - go around me! I actually dream about that.
The reckless aggressive mom in her mini van who is now part of our conversation in my vehicle due to tailgating - I vision her getting even more irritated.....she's munching on M'Donalds fries....sipping coffee....cell phone in the other she's pissed and ready to pass she passes there sits the township cop sitting in the parking lot of Pop's Diner looking bored til' now
he flips the lights.....he's off after the mom in the mini van......she's pulled over to the side of the road......and there I am.....passing slowly smiling from ear to ear. Oh, yeah...I wave to her..toodles!

Football Superstar tells me to pull over to the shoulder of the road and allow the aggressive driver to just pass me. if I can of course~
I tell Football Superstar that's giving in to their recklessness. And yes, I know it's for my children and my own safety.
And this is where my patience is truly tested. This is where I want to be a traffic cop- a vigilante - superwoman- no, better yet, Bewitched! This is where I could wiggle my nose or wink and the aggressive drivers car would float into the air - oh to see their faces! And I would just drive by waving......toodles!

I guess for now I must ask for patience......pratice my patience.....and pray that sooner or later this aggressive person will come to their senses. AND my soon to be 16 year old son will never meet this person(s) or become one.

As the song goes: "Slow down, you move to fast, you've got to make the morning last
Just kickin' down the cobble-stones, lookin' for fun and feelin' groovy....."

Maybe I could get this on a bumper sticker?



  1. Patience! This is something I cried out for a few years ago before my oldest started driving and I was toting all four of the children around to Everything all the time. My oldest was the complainer in the nth degree. I always didn't handle it so well, and it was only after she started driving and I had a little bit of respite, I realized I should have prayed this prayer. Thanks for echoing what many mother need to pray, but, like me, fail to do so.

    Thank you Lis!

  2. I need oodles o f patience Lisa.

  3. Lis,

    I loved this post. I think I'm a very patient person...really. But then guess what, I don't drive. So maybe, I don't really know what patience means. Because on the practical level, I think patience is tested on the road.

    Well, whatever. Just really want to thank you for the delight that reading this post has given me(the way you write it, with your thoughts written in smaller letters, that's so cute, and gives feeling to what you have written).

    And I really think that your beloved Football Star is right when he tells you to pull over and let an aggressive driver pass. That's being gentle, and fighting in the opposite spirit.


  4. Love this...It seems like I have to learn this lesson all the time since I live near a highway!!!
    Oh, I had this song on my Mommy Piggy Tale post last week about grade 5! It was so much fun to go back and listen to it....yes, slow down we ALL move toooooo is too precious to be in such a hurry
    Hope you are enjoying your summer..feeling groovy!