Thursday, April 8, 2010

Summertime....summertime....sum -sum summertime.

I love spring and summer. I love all the seasons-when they are "in season".
There is for me nothing like inhaling winters cold air- right before a snow. There is nothing like opening up my windows to invite the fresh flowery breeze of spring. There is nothing like sitting under a shade tree in the summertime sipping minty iced tea. And there is nothing like the crisp autumn air that surrounds you while hiking through the woods. I guess you could say- there is nothing like enjoying every single season! for me
Sadly, we are losing the true seasons-I can remember them not too long ago. But I won't go global on you- not this post anyway!

I will continue where the famous OBX vacation ended.
During the summer of 2004, China Doll and I were introduced to other members of single Dads family- brothers who lived outside of PA. We met brothers & their wives. Cousins & extended family. If you remember- I knew some of single Dads family from high school.
One particular cousin I adored and had tons of fun with was Katie. She and I became pretty good friends after her graduation.
Single Dads parents were so nice. They welcomed China Doll and I with open arms and plenty of smiles. A very sweet and genuine couple.
Introductions to most of my family were made a while back. Of course they could see why I turned down the job in NYC- because here was this great guy coming into the lives of their daughter and granddaughter. My family could see China Dolls excitement and happiness.
They could see my calmness - finally in their daughters life.

I can't remember a summer passing by so quickly. This particular summer did for me.
A MAJOR decision was made. The single Dad and I combined households. We moved into a townhouse- just over the hill from the park where we met on that misty October afternoon.
Here we were- 2 busy and happy kids, 2 big dogs, 1 grumpy fat cat and 2 happy and somewhat calm adults. laughing loudly.
No discussion of marriage. Remember my trust issue....this wonderful person did not deserve my lack of trust- but that dark gloom continued to haunt me. Were we making the right choices as to move in together as a couple with young children? What kind of role models were we becoming? What was that telling our young impressionable son and daughter?
The one important thing about all those questions (speaking for myself only) was that China Doll would be able to witness a healthy loving relationship.

Now....there were hurdles. I had rules. Oh, I had rules! laughing.
Freckle Boy and China Doll blended well together- but it did take some adjustments and tweeking here and there. As any family But for me- I wanted things to be simple- as I like to live- but life is anything but simple. Not even the Brady Bunch lived like simple folks!
Running over scooters in the stuff scattered throughout the house......repeating "take off those dirty shoes"......toilet seat down.....toothpaste out of the sink please.....dolls away? away?......complete your homework......turn off the tv......lights off.....we don't live in a barn.......use your napkin not your sleeve.......why is your karate gear missing?.......WHERE IS MOMS CHOCOLATE?
I was not only guiding one young child, but two. And boy oh boy- boys are different!
I'm laughing while typing this......oh, we were blending.....we were defiantly blending

We blended.

Life Lesson: Keep your secret stash box filled with a lot of chocolate.

Peace&Love&Chocolate Kisses

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  1. I always loved the scent of the woods while exploring them as a kid. And I love the season changes too - although Winter tends to get a little too long by the end of it.

    My mom used to hide her chocolate stash - and even though I knew where it was, I was wise enough not to touch it!

    You had quite a household to adjust too once you all were together! Your poor cat probably wondered why HE didn't get a friend!