Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meet me at......

Late October of 2005, Gracie and I met for a morning of antiquing,eating with a lot of chatting. We had lunch at the Dobbin House in Gettysburg. love that place!!
Football Superstar calls me on my cell phone- asking me to meet him before heading home - not at the Empire State Building- at a house that was once occupied by me. and China Doll
Before I even filed for my divorce- I knew that this particular farmhouse (mortgage) would be way out of my league to live comfortably and simply on my own. Sadly, I had to surrender this little farmstead. China Doll and I moved out and never looked back.

Funny....I'm pretty sure I've posted this before about my "inner farm girl". Even with the passion I had to move us to NYC.....there was this desire to work my own farm. and of course it would be a vegan based farm where most critters would be invited to roam freely {laughing}
I've seen plenty of cows in NYC.....well at the Bronx Zoo, but they are there!

Knowing the old property was back on the sale market....I wasn't exactly sure what was in store for this meeting at the old farmstead. After saying goodbye to Gracie, I drove quickly but not recklessly to meet my husband where I once planted white pumpkins for Halloween...where our beloved Bella is buried and China Dolls little flower garden was groomed by her own little hands.
Things looked the same from the outside, except for the little red cottage was in need of some TLC and China Dolls flower garden was overgrown. This is the end of October so nothing would have been in full bloom- but those sweet memories came back as I pictured her watering Blackeyed Susans and English Lavender.
Football Superstar is waiting with the investor - I get out of my car trying not to have a wave of emotions take over. The investor obviously didn't care to take into mind that this home had history. circa 1856 There were changes made inside- but nothing I couldn't rip out! And then there were the things that were not touched. Same old wide plank creaky floors. Same crooked windows in the brick room. And the same view I remember oh, so well.

What and Why? Why would Football Superstar want to move into a home that was once occupied by his now wife and her ex-husband? It wasn't the past memories that I was clinging on to either....and he knew this. It was what I had planned while living in this old farmhouse.
You know some people have a "Bucket List"...well I didn't have a bucket list I had a Market Basket List. And in this market basket was a plan to one day open up a little antique or country shop in that little red cottage.
We looked at quite a few other farmhouses within the Adams County area and closer to where Football Superstars office was located. Bouncing decisions. Long discussions.
By mid November the farmhouse was still on the market. Football Superstar and I decided why the heck not! Lets do it. We made an offer. December of 2005 we moved. Two weeks before Christmas. Moving day was the morning after we got the surprise 5 inches of snow. really it was a lot of fun.

*There is someone very dear that I am close to that was letting me know this was meant to be...this home purchase and move was a plan. I listened to her- but I wasn't quite sure what she was telling me.

Life Lesson: Don't get out that market basket quite yet...there are changes to come your way!



  1. I hope you post pictures of your farmhouse - sounds like it's full of character!

  2. Lis - The more you write, the more I realize we are wired the same way. My dream is to own an old home and open up a B&B filled with antiques (I used to sell them before I started teaching). My husband and I live in a new farmhouse, but the discontent in me longs for an old farmhouse. In fact, we were supposed to move into his grandfather's farmhouse the year we married, until Grandma died and grandpa stayed there until....he was 100. When gpa died, we didn't know we'd have first choice to buy it until after the funeral, and we weren't prepared financially for it (I had just started grad school). So I sadly saw my dreams of Gpa's house being sold - it had been in the family over 100 years.

    And now I'm going to graduate school, life just rolls on ...but your story is so hopeful for those inner dreams! The phrase "there are changes to come your way..." catches my hope and attention today - thank you!

  3. will be posted! : )
    Brenda- be prepared for those changes! (and I'm sorry to hear about Gpa's farmhouse....100 years in the family is an amazing long time!)

    Thanks for your comments!