Friday, April 23, 2010

Scrap Book & Tidbits

^Little Red Cottage
^Old Farmhouse *brick part of the house was built in 1856 *newer addition was added sometime in the early 1900's (we have documents stating 1902- yet another says 1910- either way she's old!) *Historical facts: Confederate soldiers marched through "The Village of Farmers" camped and raided homes in the area- ours being one of them. Sitting close to historic Gettysburg- there is a lot of history in our area. This farm was once 70+ acres, housing cattle, pigs & chickens. Partial orchard on the opposite side of the property. (we only have one pear tree left- living- but may need to be cut down this summer)
Sadly, the barn burnt down in the late 1980's. The home was refurbished in 1982 - and occupied by the people who refurbished and gave this old farmhouse "life" again. It had no plumbing indoors- only a pump located in the kitchen- one line of electricity and a dirt basement.
There was once 4 working fireplaces - we now have only 1- our refrigerator sits where the "cooking" fireplace sat in the kitchen. The basement is no longer dirt, however I only sneak down there when it's absolutely necessary- there is a spring that runs through the basement and is now pumped out from a ground trough in order to keep the basement from getting too wet and damp. Well, it still gets the occasional water snake! So needless to say my "absolutely necessary" is not really necessary. The house leans, a toilet doesn't sit perfectly straight in the downstairs bathroom (but after 3 1/2 years who notices that anymore) it creeks and has the feel of a cozy home. The brick room (our family room) was the original home built in 1856- the farm family occupied this one room home with a loft that was used as their bedroom(s). I laugh....these kids of mine would never know what it's like not to have privacy!
This is a good fit for both Football Superstar and myself. We enjoy history- we never stop learning. And for me....well it fits my decor and "wanna-be farm girl" life!
We do not have free range cattle, or sheep, not even a pony and a horse (but I would love to have) chickens (can't do fowl, scared of birds) we don't even have a goat to help with the wild weeds that grow along the bank.....but at 5am you can rest assure you'll hear the rooster crow or do they caw? from across the road, over the hill where his farm sits. You can hear cattle mooing too. We see deer running across our yard into the woods.......plenty of hawks soaring in the crystal blue sky....then there are those turkey buzzards too- ugh.........and once in awhile a mallard twosome come strolling down to the creek. Then Sam barks and they are gone in a flash. And we also have the background noise of cars traveling on a busy road- but it still can't take away the down home "country" feel in our little family homestead.
Well, I'm off to make some hazelnut coffee in my cozy kitchen- then heading out to sit on my back patio to take in the spring breeze and warm sun- to watch the fish in our little ornamental pond dance- and hear the occasional Harley Davidson roar as it soars by. is good.



  1. I loved this post and the following pictures! I love history too, and I enjoyed reading about the particular history to your house. "if walls could talk". Wouldn't that be something? It's ashame you only have one surviving orchard tree - I hate it when trees have to be cut down, but sometimes it's neccessary. Beautiful cozy picture of your home.

  2. Well Emily- the oldest pear tree is coming down sometime soon- it has a disease and could possibly spread to the other flowering trees. Wow, learning so much from my Master Gardener-mentor! We planted 10 trees (they are the size of sticks so it will take at least two years until they are able to be transplanted- that is if they survive) so it's knock down, cut down, replant and transplant. It's paint, scrape and paint more, cover up and refurbish. And I wouldn't change a thing! LOL
    Well...most of the time anyway! : )