Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From the corner of my little mind

While sipping my Irish cream coffee this morning, I had plenty of thoughts "dancing" in my mind. When the sun is shining outside my little mind begins to just wonder......drift into places where I've never imagined. When I'm with my gal pals I find that we all have so much to say....and we try to fit it into and hour or maybe four hours but sometimes that is never enough.
So as the sun hits my patio and I sit and watch spring beginning to really grasp onto every inch of my mind begins its dance....wishing one of those gal pals were sitting right here so I could tell them what I forgot to tell them just hours or days ago! What e-mail can't deliver....expressions, passion or excitement and even sadness.

Here was my dance this morning:
I've never been caught up in the celebrity chain of events. At least I don't think I am.
My father danced with Doris Day at the NJ hot spots.
My mother was wooed by little man Mel Torme. which we never allowed her to forget
Growing up I met -having very little desire to meet them- famous gym rats/Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno, Olympic lifters with their sporty cars and gold medals that made them look like wanna-be rappers............these are the men my father surrounded himself with in his glory days of weight lifting. I may have been a gym rat when I turned 16, only because there were cute guys working out at the worlds famous YBB. I may have not wanted to meet celebrities but I didn't turn down a chance to meet a cute regular guy!
But now at my mature age- I'm finding myself reading or listening to what celebrities are doing with their lives. I'm not speaking about Tiger Woods or any politician who is cheating on his wife or the poor actress or actor who recently won the award and is now getting divorced.
I'm speaking about the "people" who make a difference. Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Greg Mortenson, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and Bill Gates just to name a few. I read this article in a New York post that placed Bono as a "person who only uses his fame and money to pretend to care about the sick and starving"....."his personal interest is limited when it comes to charity"......"Bono is using charities to ride the fame train". WHAT? Bono was famous before he began his charitable works. U2 needed no charity foundation to ride any "fame train".
I then found a more honorable column to read on Mr. Bono. It stated that his spiritual belief and strong political views make him the kind of man he wants to be. I believe that.
I've followed Greg Mortenson because of his climbing adventures. I never really knew the kind of man he was/is. It wasn't until I read "Three Cups of Tea" thanks to my friend Sharon when I realized this man has a heart the size of K2.
Mother Teresa had another heart way larger than her tiny frame. My grandmother worshiped the ground she walked on I would love to believe that each and every one of us have it inside of our hearts to reach out. It doesn't have to be monetary donations. It doesn't have to be traveling to another country and feeding orphans or building schools. What about just holding the door for someone? What happened to smiling? Is it that hard to smile and be kind to other people no matter what their race or religious or political views may be? Frankly I am getting irritated by comments on Obama. What president have you ever seen in the big white mansion that ever- and I mean ever gave you what you wanted? We can't flip a coin and "fix" the economy over night. We can't flip a coin and end the war. But we can stop bickering and acting as if we are not a social and educated country. Can't we?

Oh my gosh....did I just get political?


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  1. Loved this post! And I agree - who could fix this mess in less than a year - less than one term? Neither a republican nor democrat. I get so depressed at work sometimes because I'm surrounded by negative political comments - they make me feel that there is no hope and the U.S. is doomed. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. I don't care - this world is not my home and ultimately, I'm not in anybody else's hands but the Lord's.

    At work, it's the old people who are the most friendliest.