Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tapped Out

It's 6:15 AM. On this Sunday morning there is a fine mist in the air with a breeze. I'm tempted to just grab my coffee and sit on the balcony while everyone else sleeps. Oh, Football Superstar is up, but he is preparing another pot of coffee for our guest.

I haven't posted anything for quite some time. I feel "tapped out". My life journal sits in my bedroom with pages full.....but for some reason I just haven't added any words to this blog.
Last evening before I fell asleep I thought about this...... and yesterday as I sat on the balcony soaking up the early morning sun I thought about this...... and here again I think about this.


I'm thinking about my friends who are going through some very rough times.
My co-workers who struggle to find themselves.
Those family members who struggle to find a sense of peace or those who set out to conquer success- what success is it that they look for?
Those who try to find a place where they belong.

Football Superstar tells me what they need....what's important.....what matters.
of course I know this. My husband who was not tapped on the shoulder by God but was tackled to the ground as only God could do with a strong ex-football player.
But how do you watch and wait? I'm not a very patient person at times....especially when I feel there are important matters to be dealt with.

The "see-saw approach" to life must be hard. The "waiting the storm out" can not be healthy.

This is why I feel tapped. Yet, I don't want to just stand in the rain waiting with those who are in the storm. I can handle some rain, I have cute wellies to wear.... but I'm not so sure standing in the center of thunder and lightening is something I feel comfortable doing.

Last sip of coffee....I'm heading to the balcony. I think I just answered my own question.
Sometimes it takes the perfect storm to be healed. keeping my wellies by the door.
Thank you Father!



  1. Oh yes!!!on this post. Sometimes I think you and I could talk for hours. I walked this morning praying for one of my adult children, just asking God to work in their life, and I am afraid the storm will be what wrestles this one back to the Lord. Tears rolled down my eyes as I sang with Casting Crowns...Lord I Lift Up my friend to you, (for me it was my son)

    Thanks for this piece this morning Lis, as we go through more changes in our own household.

    Blessings...enjoy your summer!!!

  2. Dear friend,
    Keep in touch... connecting with on line friends help you, and us...

    Been watching my blog sidebar to see if there is anything new from you...

    And this morning, here you are.

    And here I am.

    Wanting to be in touch.

    Love you. Praying for you.


  3. Lis, I, too, have had some silent pages on my blogs, learning to rest after a stormy time needing some respite.....words come but just too pooped to put them out there.

    Being in the storm and rain can feel daunting at times. Longing for sun. I have no doubt You are that Son for many who are around you, searching for Truth you can offer, both in silent friendship and appropriate words. Praying God will pour out in your and through you to those in stormy places.