Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Hello from Lazy Town VA! I've been unmotivated to do much-loved-motivated stuff recently.
I should try to put into alphabetical order the events that have been taking place in our little world right now...... but those events do not seem so eventful now that I sit here thinking about them. They've only been keeping us busy enough to feel the wonders of falling into Lazy Town.
And now that I think about Lazy Town..... that visit only came and went way too quickly....like most vacations. No we didn't go on vacation...Lazy Town happened right here in VA!

Football Superstar has been busy at work. The DC metro real estate market is keeping him on his toes- yet his career no longer rules him. smile. My summer camp days are fun....but wow am I ready to grab Apple Cheeks and drive home by 4:00! China Doll and Freckle Boy are using their summer days one at a time.
Sam the dog and September the cat are unaware that it is summer .... every moment for them is vacation. I would love to just lay around on the back of the couch all day and wait for someone to meow at because they did not scoop out my Fancy Feast quick enough. Or if I were Sam I would probably...... be in the same position when my family took off for work or the pool when they arrive home at the end of their day. I can't imagine that!

I want to cram so much in this summer. A gal pal weekend with my Gracie. A drive to NJ with my Eva to visit our sister-in-law Dori. Lazy pool days with my girls.
The zoo for Apple Cheeks birthday. Visits to family and friends. A diet. no...scratch that one.
Yoga. yeah...I will commit to getting back into yoga. Finish decorating our cozy pad.
Learning the art of baking delicious and decorating amazing cupcakes. Community outreach.
Finishing my Language Art class. ugh. Taking an art class.
And that's not all..... perhaps I should put my list in alphabetical order. ??

I'm hoping my readers and favorite bloggers are having an awesome summer!
I promise to reconnect soon...... with something worth reading. Until then...I love knowing you are still here. : )



  1. I hope you do all that you hope to do this summer! Thanks for catching us up on what's been going on - I've been wondering!

    ps - gal pal weekends are lifesaving.

  2. Dear Lis,
    Yes I'm still here... and thanks for taking time to write this update...

    Wow, Lazy Town...

    Enjoy and savor your summer, every moment of it.!


  3. Well by all means enjoy your summer...you have earned it...grab every second that comes your way!! Enjoy Lazy Town.