Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stop Hunger Now

More than 25,000 people outside of the United States die each day from hunger and hunger-related causes.
A child dies every 15 seconds because they are severely underweight or lack essential nutrients.

China Doll and I became a part of Stop Hunger Now. This vision is part of our church. CFC in Ashburn used both services as a part of this process. CFC is like a lot of contemporary churches today, we see plenty of casual wear. But today was completely different. We arrived in jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sneakers.... the most comfortable attire to prepare meals to be sent to Nicaragua. Our outreach team is already in Nicaragua working. As the congregation gathered in two separate parts of church today- some were guided into the Gathering Place coffee cafe others were guided into the school gym. There were stations. Each station held 30 pound bags of rice, soy meal and a vitamin packet. Each bag was filled in layers by a team of 4, the bags were placed in shoe box style bins and a "runner" would bring the bins over to another table where there were teams of "weighers" weighed out the bags and handed them off to the "sealer" team. Which this was where China Doll and myself worked using a sealer timing it for about 3 seconds making sure the food packet was secured and ready to be packed into large boxes by yet another team of strong teens and men. Tomorrow the food will head out to be flown to orphanages in Nicaragua. We were told today that 700+ children will eat for one full year!! The goal for today was 285,120 meals.

I've never been a part of something this huge. China Doll and I participated together last Christmas with LW church in wrapping gifts for children of families who were in need. Most of these families were in the city. Since I was no longer a part of the services of displaced families and abused children within the city I felt a calling to help and I recruited my oldest daughter to help. We enjoyed our job and I knew by having my daughter there by my side, she was able to see with her own eyes what type of families/people I was talking about when I worked at the shelter as a caseworker.
And now this year she is older..... more in tune with what is surrounding us not just here in the states but world wide. China Doll even suggested we stay longer to get more meal bags sealed and packed before we headed out for our own food at a local grocery store. We talked about feeling guilty..... complaining about what we don't have in the frig...... or not being able to afford the fresh catch of the day this week. Perhaps she felt a guilty twinge because I did not give her an extra $5 for Starbucks before the "free" concert at Youthfest last evening. MMmmmmm.
No matter what went through her young mind..... I couldn't help but feel good about our work.
Not about me.... not about us.... not about her. But the work we all put into making our goal..... working as a very large team......laughing, shouting at the drum roll......giggles from the kids and cheers at the end of our service. What an awesome service it was!
Pastor P. said as we finished up..... God is looking down with one very large smile.

**Just had to mention that the "runners" were children ages 5 yrs. to 10 yrs. of age. it was pretty awesome to watch them work with such emotion and passion.

Have an awesome week.

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  1. This post sent goose bumps running through my whole body.

    There really is so much hunger all over the world... and I appreciate what your church has done to help one spot in one country of the world that will have food for one year. That's awesome. Even having children ages 5 - 10 as part of the hands that prepared the meals.

    Thank you for doing that Lis and China Doll. Thank you.

    Lot of love