Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Room with a View

I've been missing out on my favorite blogs......
Been busy. I have a lot of nerve saying that....who hasn't been busy!!

This is my week of vacation time.

Today, I'm sitting by our sliding glass door that exits to our balcony. It's a tad warm no make that hot to be sitting on the balcony drinking coffee and typing. However, I have a room with a view!
My cat, September~ has decided to join me and watch a red throat hummingbird drink from the fresh batch of home made nectar Apple Cheeks and I made yesterday after breakfast.

A pair of chicka-dee's continue to stop by- to see if just maybe the bright red bird feeder that contains liquid- may have been changed to solid seeds. Nope...sorry birdies...I'll stick with the hummingbirds. You need to go over to the next complex there is a woman who is so kind she feeds song birds of every color and size. I'm glad I am not her neighbor- bird phobia!

My view this morning also captures a line trees and in the far far distance I think I can see the Potomac mountain area. It's so hazy .... but I'm sure that is what I'm looking at. In the winter when the trees are not full we can see clearly across the VA- MD boarder.

It's so cool to sit here typing with the bright sunshine pouring into our home.
I feel like this is a vacation home.....

Well, now all I can see is a face with fur. September decided to walk onto my lap and investigate the keyboard. Her hint. It's time for some full attention before everyone else wakes up and smells the short bread baking. Ahhh..... life is good.

I must catch up before the end of my vacation..... I have so many awesome blogs to read and friends to connect with!
Until then..... I hope everyone is enjoying their summer..... vacations..... down time....... and view.



  1. Such a happy cheery post Lis. I read this post a few hours after you posted it. Did leave a comment, but am not sure why it does not appear in your comment box.

    So here I am again, second time around.

    Glad you have a few days off, to enjoy the view, the free time, the family, the cat... and your blog friends (hint, hint - smile!)

    Enjoy the rest of your week...


  2. Sounds peaceful and delightful...I seem to already feel fall coming with all the deadlines we are on. Still settling into our new house...and getting both kids ready for school.

    We both will be sending one off to! where did the time go?

    Blessings to you and your dear family.