Friday, May 6, 2011

Appreciated + Appreciate = Yummy?

This week is Teacher Appreciation.
Another Hallmark moment?
I remembered this "celebration" for Apple Cheeks and I baked chocolate chip cookies and chocolate-cinnamon cookies for her teacher.
I know in the preschool field at times this career can be challenging.... but rewarding. Exhausting!
I have been working slowly on my VACDA certificate and my language arts class..... dreaming
of landing a job within the public school district which is a huge district in order to collect some extra perks. tuition reimbursement - health/medical insurance

It's Friday morning- I'm setting up my classroom. I take a good look around at all the adorable bright art work that clings to the four walls. Large daisies. "Rock Families". My little Picasso's. My little darlings who find it hysterical to attack me when my back is turned. My little darlings who can not wait for science and discovery or dramatic play. All this makes my day and makes me smile. But yet, I know my retirement will not be at The Academy.

Two hours into my day - one of my little darlings walks proudly to where I sat in the classroom with a box of cupcakes from Lola's. Lola's famous cupcakes will make a strict dieter drool!

This mother then says to me with a rather large smile .... "you have a thankless job, we appreciate you".

I felt appreciated. I felt the love. Every last delicious bite!
Happy Teachers Week to you!!
You are appreciated!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all my blogging friends!
Brenda, Lidj, Janette, Emily.....thank you for always making me smile! xoxo


  1. Lis, how in the world did you ever know I love cupcakes?

    I love carrot-walnuts-chocolate chips cupcakes above all!

    For my 60th birthday... I plan to have a cupcake tower, of 60 different cupcakes... for my 60 guests.

    The Lola's cupcakes looks very special.

    My sister wanted me to visit her this spring, I backed out.

    I wonder if I can still make it this fall... it might be too cold for me.

    Lis, I am really praying you eventually land your dream job... the one you have right now is probably a stepping stone, a heart preparation... whatever it is that is being built into you... faithfulness... consistency... determination...

    I have an idea what it is like. Did I tell you I was a school principal for our church school for 18 years... and the children loved me so much each day I walked into the school gate, they would all rush to me, about twelve or fifteen of them wanting to carry my things to my office... hugging me... holding my hand... looking up at my face...

    Lis, I loved the children... I loved my staff... I loved my work.

    On my office hung a counted cross stitch that said: Don't think of it as a job, think of it as your life.

    And I did... I still get misty eyed thinking back of those days... I retired in 2004... under painful circumstances.

    Long story. It's on my blog, this is the link if you have time to read it:

    Much love to you, Lis...


  2. Oh, Lis
    I also want to greet you a Happy Mother's Day today.


  3. Oh this is just great....and I send you a hug, first for being a mom
    and then for being a teacher.

    This week I made homemade caramels for the teachers at the Kids Day Out program my little one goes to...and you will laugh, first time in 27 years of parenting, since I have always home schooled. It was such a delight for me to tell them thank you!

    I am so glad you were given a vocal word of praise and can see how you have affected your students.

    Blessings as you move forward and as God leads your next steps.
    Happy Mother's Day

  4. Oh no - I didn't know it was teacher's week! Teachers DO work so hard - and my kids have benefitted from their special attention. I am so thankful for them. I can just imagine you being so wonderful to your little darlings! I hope you felt appreciated and loved by each one.

    And happy mother's day to you too, or - I guess - belated mother's day.

  5. Lis, so much to say as I finish up my degree in counseling this past week after walking out of the public school classroom three years ago. I chose to get a different degree so I could have options to work part time. The demands of the classroom were causing me to work 50 hours a week or more. Yet I am and always will be a teacher. It's the most honorable job and the joy of the thank yous are priceless. Cupcakes and all.

    As you pray about that dream job, I know the Lord will place you where he ordain at places and times. I've been amazed on my journey the doors that have been open and shut. In His perfect will, for now I have a position to counsel and also teach about aggression and teen dating violence in our area schools. I would have never thought of this in my own, but the Lord brought it to my doorstep. Being in the classroom is my greatest joy, just as you know...may the Cupcakes and your love for education continue to bless you for this part of the journey.