Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do you Love?


Is this word used to express our emotion overused? I for one am guilty of using the word LOVE to express plenty of things in my life. But I feel that I do know what unconditional love means. I love my husband-unconditional love. I love my children- unconditional love. darn that can be tough during these teens years! ha ha
I love my family-unconditional love. another tough love at moments.
I love my bestest friend. no really I do and Gracie you know it!
I love puppy breath....I love daisies.....I love chocolate like no other human can.......I love the smell of spring time and the crisp autumn breeze......I love Christmastime......I love lavender and rosemary......I love the beach......I love antiques.......
Now that you had an overload of what I LOVE...... you get the picture.
My problem with this word LOVE is that I feel our society uses it entirely too much.
Of course this is only my opinon- I am not the LOVE word expert!
I listen and observe people on a daily basis. I hear "I just LOVE Tom's shoes. so do I but I can't afford them- yet. "I LOVE him, he is so funny!" "I just LOVE so-n-so, she is the nicest person on earth!" this is after the first initial meeting. "I LOVE my job". stop that!
"I LOVE doing nice things for people". truth or dare?
What pushed me to write this post is due to the amount of times a day, week, year I hear LOVE being thrown out into cyberspace.....greeting calls......conversations......etc.
Do we really feel the LOVE? Do we show it enough to that neighbor who bakes your family a casserole when you are sick? Do we show it to the elderly woman who is struggling with the grocery cart- or do you walk directly passed her without assisting? Do we show LOVE to our siblings after a disagreement regarding parents? Do we show it while sitting side by side on the metro with a Muslim? Do we show LOVE to God everyday? Or just when we need God in our lives the most?
I'm guilty of two of the above- I don't show it to my neighbor....their kids drive me crazy. I don't show it to God every single day of my life. LOVE. He was all about LOVE. He is LOVE. Unconditional LOVE.
A community garden of LOVE. I dream this....I see it.....I want to plant this garden right here in the metro community where I live and work. Where my children attend school. Where we shop, eat, walk the dog, greet the mailwoman, attend church. Isn't this what God wants from me? from us? Spread the LOVE and mean it? To show unconditional LOVE at all times.

I LOVE you. No...really I do!



  1. So well said! Love is overused...along with so many words people flippantly throw around. I would also add "I'll pray for you", comes back to love. Thanks for reminding us of the weight of the words we use!

  2. This is so true, Love is an over used word. Sometimes it doesn't mean anything anymore. It is easier said than done.

    I love my family, but a lot of times I want to remain in my comfort zone, and am not willing to go out of my way to show my love.

    Thank you for this post.

    Have a meaningful Resurrection Sunday.