Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just Believe

It's the season of believing. It's the season of giving. It's the season of love and laughter.
It's the season of delicious aromas baking in the oven.
Sadly, it's the season of plastic, commercial, over the top gifts, pillow pets, snugglies, high tech, and not to mention get-a-better-bargain when you shop at midnight.

I've always enjoyed Thanksgiving. Never did I plan to run out at the stroke of midnight to fight a snarling vicious crowd of female shoppers just to save a few dollars. Even before I became a believer- I always considered Thanksgiving a holiday to be matter what our belief or worship....our society places the most unusual on their priority list.

Christmastime has always been my favorite season. It has given me such memories and traditions. Years past....I incorporated my families traditions into my own family. My Mothers. My memories of a young child, or teen and even well into my twenties..... Christmastime has always triggered such wonderful memories for me.

Before coming into faith, my home was filled with the joy of trimming a large perfectly shaped Blue Spruce. Baking cookies with homemade hot chocolate. Christmas music playing in the background. Family and friends joining in for the festive moment(s).

And today.... you can still find a Blue Spruce. I prefer imperfections these days. We have the nativity scene, as well as a large ornament of Santa Claus kneeling beside baby Jesus. I'm still baking cookies and making hot chocolate. Still having family and friends joining in. I'm all about the music. I found a DC radio station that plays holiday music 24/7! My teens find themselves drowning in my singing....but I don't care. These are the moments I remember and they will too.

And will hear the story of Jesus. We blend the beauty of the holiday season with the birth of Christ and St. Nicholas. Funny....just like my parents did. I remember a beautiful nativity scene sitting directly under our large Blue Spruce. I remember so clearly because I would take the baby Jesus and place him into my Barbie house.
Apple Cheeks is getting both of what her parents had as children and her older siblings have become to understand.
I remember listening to my father tell the story of La Befana who arrives on the eve of Epiphany. My mother read stories of St. Nicolas of Myra. These were stories that made traditions in our home.

While trimming the tree, placing the nativity in a safe place our cat tends to take baby Jesus now we have the balance our family needs- what our family wants. What my children will carry on hopefully into their own families.
This weekend begins a weekend of movie marathons. Tonight; Polar Express.
One of my favorites. I have so many favorites I really can't place just one on the Top 100 List!
As my husband would tell you...."every movie is her favorite". I can recite lines....I know the lyrics to all songs.....I know character names, possibly their address! just kidding.
The Polar Express not only brings magic, innocence and joy to children viewing- it brings a message. Believe. I'm a 40 something old believer.
As Hero Boy has doubts. The conductor punches Hero Boys ticket; BELIEVE.
Believing is in our hearts. It's to be riding on a train all year long. Not just because it's the season.....not due to the plastic snowmen covering your neighbors yard. Clark Griswald come to mind? Seeing is believing. And sometimes believing, is in what we can not see.
I was once Hero Boy riding the train of doubt. My conductor was Pastor S. He punched my ticket....and as the conductor said to Hero Boy.....sometimes we must believe before we see.
Or as it was for me......awakened.
So for my Hero Boy or Hero Girl or even Billy friends..... may you too believe.

I'm off to prepare for tonights Polar Express magical moment.



  1. I love this post - beautiful, warm, and humorous! I wish I could bake cookies and sing along with the radio with you in your new home!

    Is "Ernest Saves Christmas" on your movie list?

  2. Polar Express was our family Christmas movie when it came out...we all go together on Christmas evening to a movie...the only time we all see a movie together...we all loved this movie.
    I posted my love of "Family Man" at this time of seems to put priorities straight...not a religious message, but a message about the important things not materialistic things.

    Have a wonderful Christmas season in your new home..sing at the top of your lungs...and let them laugh. My older ones laughed at me today when I got so excited at the Christmas was so, so, so, so, much my four year old said.

    Blessings to you and yours...Merry Christmas!!!

  3. I must have a copy of Polar Express... never heard of it, but that's because I'm not really too fond of movies. My husband was the one who knew all the titles, and the actors and actresses...and possibly their addresses too :-> ...

    This is such a heartwarming post to read.

    Brings back memories of my own Christmas story, the one I grew up with... not too different from yours - with the real live Christmas tree (not exactly a Blue Spruce), and waking up to the smell of the pine tree all over our home, the hot chocolate in the evenings, and the Christmas music too...

    Loved reading your heart (again!)

    Aren't you glad your pastor punched the ticket and told you to believe?

    See you around again soon. How was your first week at work?


  4. This post really stuck in my head these past couple of days. Thank you for writing it.