Friday, November 26, 2010

Confection = Reflection

I actually have some time alone- no interruptions- nothing but background noise of the washing machine hitting it's spin cycle. My cat is curled up on a pillow sleeping. My dog is sleeping by the door waiting for the rest of his flock to return from shopping.
I took this alone time to bake some chocolate chip cookies. And this is not to be repeated because no one is to know the cookies will be stashed in my favorite hiding place!
As I'm baking I decided to pick up a book that was sent to us last Christmas season by our Alpha facilitators. I wasn't able to completely read through The Purpose Driven Life last year at this time. I guess one could say I wasn't a "stable believer".
As I'm reading chapter 18, there was this need to re-read again and again.
Life together. Fellowship. Experiencing life together in fellowship.
To me this was powerful. This is what kept my family attending Living Word. It was a community. It was our birth church. I miss LW. I miss my LW family.
We will be visiting China Doll's choice of church this Sunday- which we understand is very similar to LW.

"In real fellowship people experience authenticity".
"In real fellowship people experience mutuality".
"In real fellowship people experience sympathy and mercy".

If only everyone could experience such fellowship.
It's time to get back to baking..... I just felt the need to share my thought.



  1. Loved this, Lis...the sharing of thoughts in your blog while baking and doing the laundry. God speaks to us when we are not so bombarded by too much noise, and we hear his still small voice.

    Yes, I love that kind of fellowship too...authenticity, simplicity... that is the kind of fellowship I love.

    Your cookies sound yummy and mouth watering. Wish we were neighbors.

    But you know what, this April, I might be visiting my sister who lives in Virginia... who knows, it is very possible that our paths can cross. If we could have one hour together at Starbucks, sipping cafe latte or caramel machiatto, and a bagel with lots of cream cheese on it... and just share a bit of our journey, that would be more than I could ask for.

    Love you...

  2. this is a great thought and sometimes we happen into the best connections....Happy Weekend

  3. oh love the hiding the cookies...everyone seems to find my hiding places
    and so true...if everyone could find that type of fellowship

    Have a wonderful Sunday and my you continue to see God's hand on your move as He guides you to the church body He desires for you all!