Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two Weeks Down

It's been two weeks exactly today that we have lived here in Virginia.
At times it seems we have been here longer..... some days usually while trying to figure out my way around it seems like only a day or two.

We are meeting more neighbors. Apple Cheeks met a new friend- "C". "C" is 5 years old and loves everything dinosaur! "C" likes to hike, run hard and talks a lot! something they have in common Yep, "C" is a boy! It was very cute how "C" would wait for Apple Cheeks to catch up while hiking. After all.... a ballerina always tip toes her way through a good hike!
We met "C" and his mommy while hiking around the Potomac River last Sunday. Apple Cheeks and "C" instantly became friends. "C"'s mommy and I hit it off too. We are looking forward to more play dates with "C".

China Doll.... for our teenager who was so worried about meeting new friends...there is a social calendar growing. During her first week of school- 3 days in she was invited to attend a BR's Theater Art presentation. Friday night football game.
And the big moment was her decision to join BR's gymnastic team! so much for not adjusting!

It's an adjustment not having Freckle Boy here weekly..... however we will see him on the weekends and with technology we can chat via cam. It still doesn't feel complete without him.
But he is doing well at Central....and is hoping to be scouted out by his favorite college football team.

Football Superstar and I are doing just fine too.
I have been attending corporate trainings these past few days. I had my first class this Thursday evening. It wasn't the best subject to begin with- child abuse. The Academy was finally turned over to our director....and next week I get to go in and prepare my classroom!
We officially open our doors to students November 29th- which is my first full day of teaching.
Apple Cheeks will attend the Academy with mommy- and will be in one of the two 4 year old programs. She too is looking forward to "big girl school".

As I sit here typing, I can look out from my computer desk with a view as beautiful as one of my father's paintings. It's amazing. What a gift.
While walking Sam we met some pretty friendly deer. They seem to be accustomed to people and their fur balls on leashes. Sam was giving them a deep woof at first....he now just greets them like any other neighbor.
For Sam, adjusting was better than we expected for him. Sadly, the week before our move we needed to make a decision to have our Football Superstars baby Heidi to sleep. Health issues occurred and it wasn't going to be fair to Heidi in this adjustment. Football Superstar took this much harder.....I however was not ready for this either, but I have been through this decision before with my other furbabies. It's never matter how prepared you are.
I'm stopping on this subject..... it still hurts to talk about.

And September..... she adjusted just fine. As long as she has one of many beds to snuggle on, a nice view of the outside and Fancy Feast to eat- life is grand!

Thanksgiving~ a time to be thankful~ a time to feel His grace~ a time for family&friends~
So much to be thankful here in Virginia!

Life Lesson: Count your blessings



  1. This is just great from beginning to end, except the dog, sorry!
    Wow..a son being looked at for fun!
    I loved that apple cheeks met "C" and that it was a boy...I could so envision that thinking of my little boy...what fun and a friend for you also!
    Oh, I am sure that training wasn't fun...child abuse, so sad, but so much more common than we all want to believe.

    Well I could just go on and on...the bottom line is that you are walking in God's vision for your family and favor is on everything...blessings to your son and the special time when he gets to visit.

  2. Oh dear Lis, for some reason I kept getting goose bumps while reading this post. I actually shed a tear or two ( for joy...) and thanked God for you and Football Star. I didn't know Freckle Boy wasn't with you in this move. Either I missed reading about it, or you did not elaborate. Where is he? Did he stay behind?

    Sometimes in web accounts, the readers have to be content with what is openly shared. Not like in real life two way conversation, where one can ask questions. But maybe if you have time, you can tell me.

    I felt so sad about Heidi...

    Sam is your dog... and well I surmise that September is a feline... Sorry haven't really read that far back into your posts to know.

    So happy about Apple Cheeks... and China Doll... and most of all you! Wow, I'm really happy for you.

    Be blessed... I'll be thinking of you come Nov. 29. We're 12 hours ahead of US East Coast, or maybe 13, if you're on DS time.

    Bye for now. Looking forward to more posts.


  3. Hapy Thanksgiving to you and your family Lis