Saturday, December 11, 2010

Grey Poupon?

This has been a very interesting week for me at the Academy. boy do I need to get back into the gym as well
For the most part, I am enjoying this new position as preschool teacher. I'm in a fresh new building, decorated with educational visuals and plenty of tools for my little students.
I'm surrounded by the smell of new construction and it's tiny errors too. I did say tiny right?
At this early time of the Academy's enrollment, I only have 3 children in my classroom. Adorable bright faces that greet me.... they are ready to play in the sensory table with sand, pom-poms, colored water or whatever their teacher decides to take a risk in adding to this ever popular table. My risk is never dull for these darling eager-to-learn little people.
There is only one problem. I do not speak French nor do I speak Russian. "T" is French and "V" is Russian. I found a French language travel book that my father-in-law had stashed away, so now I'm able to find some useful words.

On a good note, both students have parents who are very accommodating and helpful in this transition not only for their children, but for the teacher! Now, I'm waiting for the little Italiano or China Doll to enroll that'll be right up my avenue!
This experience for me is very cool. I wanted diversity- and I've been given an opportunity that is not only educational- this experience is giving me an internal growth. I've been surrounded by diversity in my life many times. My own family is diverse. But when you get the opportunity to have such touching experiences- it's a gift. These children who are in my care while their parents travel to DC, Maryland or only down the road to the Tech office....are trusting in me to give them security and loving arms to run to when they feel sad. With this language barrier, you would think these little people who know me only for a short period of time wouldn't be able to feel this sense of security from a woman who speaks no French or Russian. Instead....they feel it. They see my smile and my open arms anxiously waiting their good morning hugs.
For "T" and this teacher..... as we interact in the Drama Center..... I teasingly ask him for Grey Poupon!
He smiles..... hands me a plastic play kitchen bowl and tells me to manger. meaning to eat
And I'm getting paid for this!

As I continue to work towards a new degree, I sometimes wonder if I should be looking to change careers. Well, it's not exactly a complete career change, I'll still work with children.
Art Therapy is not sitting and having Grey Poupon with a little man named "T".
In my heart I know what I'm being driven....guided to do. My purpose.
But until I complete my schooling....and move towards a new career location.....I will absorb all the wonders of childhood. I will embrace these new languages and cultures with pure celebration. As any mother who returns to work- we never take our family members especially our children for granted. Like our families....I will not take these young children and their families for granted. They are not only learning from me....I am learning from them.
I decided to ask each of my (3) families to share with me their holiday celebrations during this winter season. "O" is from England, and celebrates Christmas. And thank heavens "O" is a little girl! I need someone to assist in the tea party, while we have that Grey Poupon!

I'm here. And it's wonderful. even in the moment of chaos
Apple Cheeks is adjusting to her classroom schedule. She is meeting friends in her class from India, Korea and as she puts it....Virginia!
China Doll is surrounded in high school by a rainbow of students. She is feeling blended.

Today is Saturday. Now I can look forward to the weekends like most of the working world.
Today will be full..... but will not be taken for granted.

Life Lesson: Teaching = Learning from those who surround you.



  1. I love this post... it reminds me so much of the days when I was a reading teacher for 5 year old children - and the 18 years of my life as the principal of our church grade and middle school! Wow, best years of my life... and here you are describing your early experiences.

    Gives me a nostalgic feeling. I know what you mean - teaching and learning at the same time.

    And Grey Poupon! I love Grey Poupon... Dijon mustard. It's very expensive here, we can only get them in Deli Shops.

    You can get free language tutorials for French and Russian from your students... on top of what you're paid!


  2. I so enjoyed are seeing the Kingdom of God!!! What a total joy!! I just pray for continued blessings for you all!! I just love hearing the testimony!

    I will start to mentor a 5th grade girl in January...walking outside my comfort zone, but I am so excited.

    Continue to keep everyone update...your journey is just wonderful!!! Merry Christmas to all!!!

  3. Lis,

    I can identify with these areas of transition very much. As I am getting ready to finish up my degree in a few months, I have learned to not move ahead of God's timing and plan. In the midst of the "in between" I have learned humility, grace, and unexpected plans God has had.

    Enjoy getting paid for eating mustard with international preschoolers. Doesn't get much more adventuresome at that! Thank you for sharing, and continue letting us know how the journey goes!

  4. Ladies, you have no idea what your comments mean to me!
    As I learn from my preschoolers....I also learn from my blogging sisters!
    Love you all!