Friday, September 3, 2010


Today I made a decision. This decision will bring sadness....yet with this decision I will have peace.
My decision came easy....but there was a spark of regret.
After this decision became heart pounded out of my chest.

That was a week ago.

Today....I'm so ready again my heart is pounding out of my chest.

I decided to close my little business.
Simple Dimple Primitives came to life April 2007. A dream, put on paper with the assistance of my business advisor Football Superstar and my partner Gracie.
A little red cottage was transformed from ugly duckling to adorable prim style swan.
Perfect location for this business. Directly outside my door- sitting on the edge of our property.
And our property sits in the midst of antique shops and gift shops near historic Gettysburg.
What big plans we had for Simple Dimple Primitives. Huge! We were going to be so huge there would come a time for us to purchase the one room school house that sits beside our property and create Simple Dimple Vintage! Yeah yeah..... well then comes the big bad wolf-
Economy. With this economy we are all effected by- my little business suffered from lack of sales, lack of traffic from tourist and too much inventory.
So, my last day in the biz will be September 11th. The next huge in Simple Dimple is a closing out sale. A huge closing out sale. Feel free to stop by if you live close by.... you can begin your Holiday shopping by saving $$!!

Like Kathleen Kelly You've Got Mail I will be just fine. New adventures will be coming my our way. We are now moving forward.
Football Superstar is working on a career change. I am ready to return to work.
Human Services/Teaching
Our children are doing fine. We may have a move on the horizon.
We have no idea what's around the corner for us.... but one thing I do know is that today- tonight I will go watch my Freckle Boy play one heck of a football game. I'm proud to say he was moved up to second string varsity. I will cheer China Doll while she plays "middy" on the field hockey turf. And I'm proud to say she was given the title "Team Captain".
Apple Cheeks, of course is not on any sports team....but her number 5's are looking fantastic!

These troubled moments of decisions have brought Football Superstar and I even closer.
What can rip apart couples, families and business partners has made us stronger.

I'm anxious but nervous for what's ahead. Like the photo of the tight rope walker- I remain steady. Today.....I'm at peace.

Life Lesson: Let Go.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!



  1. You know, when God asks us to let of something, and we do (even regrettfully), He blesses us with His peace like nothing else. It lifts weights of us. I am sorry but I am excited for you. One door closes and a whole new one opens. Even that fact that it pulled you closer to your husband, shows there is a bond of unity, which comes from our Heavenly Dad.

    I am only new to your blog, but I felt Him all over it, regarding your decision.

    Well done on 'letting go'!

    Bless you and thanks for stopping by my blog. It has been a pleasure to *meet* you...

  2. We have been travelling this road too! My husband has been "interviewing" and testing for a new career (a VERY long process), and I just started a job after 11 years of being a stay-at-home mom. It's been challenging, stressful, adventuresome, and stretching us spiritually and drawing closer in our relationship to God and eachother.

    I'm sorry you have to close your shop. But I'm excited to hear about where God leads you! And I would LOVE to come over and shop for Christmas! Maybe some friday when I have off ... I'll bring some friends!

  3. I would have loved to come to your shop, because I once had a dream of taking my antique business from booth to our barn, and then God called me to be a teacher, and now a counselor, and.....

    And so He will you. It's His decision, too, in there lies the peace. Blessings to you as He directs you where he is leading you for your time next.....

    And it's with sadness I antique, wishing to buy a few things to put in the "shop" that hasn't yet been, but know that God has plans always better than what we dream. I can't wait to see what He does for you!

  4. Oh, sending you hugs...know that feeling and change tooooooooo well. I love the illustration from "I Got Mail", that so explains it.
    I will be praying for you...looking forward to what the Lord has for all of you.
    Enjoy that football game...they grow toooooo fast!!!

  5. I am praying for you dear Lis... this is such an honest post, and if you mention Kathleen Kelly of You've Got Mail, then it must be a painful decision.

    But obedience has its great rewards...

    Praise God for the way His blessing is being manifest in your family. He delights in you. His heart is bursting with many new ways to bless you!


  6. Thank you ladies!!
    I'm feeling very good about my decision..... as a matter of fact....I feel fantastic about it! : )