Friday, September 17, 2010

Resumes.....Cover Letters....Interviews...OH MY!

Today I take a break. one with coffee and chocolate
I've completed two separate resumes. One for the education field- the other resume is prepared for the human service field.
I've sent out a total of 12 resumes. All complete with cover letters-detailed I must add.
I now sit and wait for the phone call. Or e-mail. The magic phone call from the Human Resource Director- the call that tells me let's set up a time for an interview! I'm waiting- patiently for the call....e-mail....snail mail.....or white dove.

As I patiently wait, I also continue to tidy up loose ends of Simple Dimple Primitives. My Closing Sale was fantastic....I never even shed one tear. I had a few "regulars" who came by to purchase and say good-bye. And even with those few who had a tear in their eye....I had not one. I had no regrets.
As my Coachman brother and his wife watched - and took on a few duties here and there- they both noticed my excitement- my peace of letting go.

This week held a lot of a lot to do's. Major tweaking, planning, seeking and with that comes prayer. I feel for the first time in my life, I am making adult decisions. Trying to hang onto "things" that have no true value, except for the price value we may have paid for that particular item. House, business, investments, ....... what is your thing?

What was once extremely important to Football Superstar and myself, has taken not just a back seat- we took "it" to the land fill. Priorities have been completely adjusted on the list.
What freedom that brings!! Pride- set aside. sorry, Dr. Seuss Left foot- right foot- right!

As I watch my husband prepare for a new career change- I have no doubt that he will become successful in the change. And in this successful change, he will begin to find peace and calmness- high power sales have been taken to the land fill. more. So when we speak of success- it no longer means financial success or the fear of not having "it".
This new path will be challenging I'm sure- it will bring days of glory and days of defeat.
We are prepared for the storm(s) as I mentioned in a recent post.

I've shared with Gracie during our time together yesterday about the amazing roller coaster ride I recently experienced. I was strapped in, safety bar latched as the coaster whipped at record speed- surviving the loop and the drop. Walking off the coaster feeling refreshed...I wanted to ride it again! Gracie began to give me that look "what are you talking about"- you know the look- head titled....lip curled at the side of her mouth....nose wrinkled.
"OH!!! I get it!" she screams. She wants to ride the coaster now too. wink

Life Lesson: When riding the roller coaster- sit in the front.



  1. Lis,

    Thinking of you in a time of transition. Difficult, scary times. It was a sad day for me when I walked out of my classroom for the last time two years ago, excited yet frightened to go back to school for a second profession, counseling. I cried the entire day three years ago when my husband and his brothers loaded 140 dairy cows to be sold, ending a dairy farm's 40+year legacy. I'm still in the process of figuring out what employment will look like in 8 months from now when I complete my Master's and am ready to re-enter the workworld in a different profession.

    But as you said,life is a roller coaster, and I've learned in these professional transitions that when you are following God's lead,there's a certainty in the uncertainty. I'm glad He is riding with in that front seat.

    Thinking of you, and can't wait to see where He takes you!

  2. Oh...I have been wondering how it was going!
    Oh your words speak straight to my heart!!! know it and still going through it.
    I feel like we are just laying things down right and left...that isn't always bad, but sometimes hard.
    Oh, high pressured husband has been in just looking for something that can keep us afloat.

    You are in my prayers...thinking of you...keep me posted....Blessings and so glad the closing went well...what confirmation!!!!

    Keep encourages me in our journey!!

  3. I'll be thinking of and praying for you guys!

  4. Lis,
    I can't help but feel the excitement in your words! After reading this post, just moments ago, there was also a different feeling in my heart, like a resolve to move on and bring many things to the land fill. You have written this so well, dear Lis. Yes, you have! I am sharing the excitement of the new season you are in.

    I pray that the phone call will come, and you will be given the job that suits the calling God has for you in this season. For you and your dear Football Star...I mean Superstar.

    Share the good news when it comes, ok!


  5. Hi Lis , stoping by to say hello