Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Lesson in Letting Go

I thought perhaps I would share my latest experience with you.
With my recent post on "letting go" and "riding the roller coaster"...... I must say that I have learned to really let go. I took a ride on the style of coaster where the floor drops out- thanks to my sweet adorable 4 year old daughter!

Allow me to set the scene: Monday morning (8:45 ish) - coffee brewing- Football Superstar is
reciting his routine- I am filling my coffee mug good to the last drop
dogs and cat are fed-all is well........

Apple Cheeks in her squeaky-excited little voice asked to finish a craft she started Sunday afternoon for Grandma Ice Cream. As she begins to collect her craft supplies, there is a request for her craft box. The craft box includes; tape-glue stick- stickers-washable markers-age appropriate scissors and retired greeting cards.
As Football Superstar and I continue to discuss our daily schedule, I walk over to Apple Cheeks to see her finished project. Grandma Ice Cream a.k.a Grammie will LOVE this screeches Apple Cheeks! I notice a pile yes a pile of blonde hair directly underneath her chair.... we own a Golden Retriever, so finding hair is nothing out of the ordinary in my household. I did not have my contacts in, or my glasses on so of course I needed to really examine the clump of blonde locks- knowing darn well this was not Sam's clump of fluff..... I was thrown off- for the first time had nothing to say- nothing would come out of my mouth! My eyes had to be as wide as a deer in headlights or better yet when it sees a hunter in the woods.
Apple Cheeks noticed I found the secret stash.
Now, looking directly at her little round cheeks you couldn't notice where the clump of golden locks were clipped from until I combed my fingers through her long golden wavy hair. My ride floor just gave out.
There wasn't a lot of talk- a few tears from Apple Cheeks- an appointment was scheduled with our stylist- the remaining 7 inches of golden locks were cut and placed in a plastic sandwich bag.
Apple Cheeks sat so proud in the stylist chair- she was given praise for sitting so still- the perfect client. I took a few photos - before and after. I cried a few happy tears.

The scissors will remain in the craft box. Under much more supervision of course. A new revised lesson on scissors was conducted.
If Apple Cheeks is willing to "let go" 7 inches of her hair..... her momma certainly is willing!
I did plan on having her hair cut- perhaps she didn't want to wait any longer?!

Another Life Lesson learned.
Funny thing is.... I did the same thing when I was her age. Mmmm.... isn't it funny how life makes complete circles.

Enjoy your day! Go ahead- take the ride! Just be sure you are strapped in!!



  1. Oh my...our only daughter cut her bangs up so high there wasn't any bangs...and yes, on the week of our family pictures....the boys still give her a hard time. The next thing was wanting she painted them on, with permanent marker!!!
    What memories...and I wouldn't change a else could I have earned these grey hairs!!!

  2. Letting go. Even though it's not about hair, I needed to hear them as I came to your blog today. Some things I need to let go of. Thanks. God used your words today.

  3. I agree, letting go is something we go through every day. Like yielding, it is a much needed grace. For our nature is to hold on... to rights, to comfort zones, the way we perceive... oh too many to mention.

    Precious apple cheeks...she's in a new season as well.

    Lovely post, Lis.


  4. Letting go has been one of my hardest lessons as a mom. I enjoyed this post.