Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ahh....what a day!

I feel as if I'm out of circulation with my blogging world. My blogging sisters.... my favorite blogs that I love to read and grab inspiration.... my journal and my brain is filled with spiritual thoughts....draining ideas.....weakness and gloom. yes, gloom too
Where I should be thanking God for everything I have right at this moment.... I'm behaving like a spoiled little girl who just lost her tiara.
I must re-Jesus myself. thank you Pastor B.
I must reboot my spirituality and bounce back from what isn't happening in
my own little world- and realize things are happening around me to people.... horrible things....disasters and death. And there I sit on my cozy couch with a cup of Hazelnut coffee whining and complaining in my head....why, why not, and when's it gonna happen! sigh.

Humor has always been my pain reliever. I continue to carry my bottle of humor no matter where I go. So...without boring you with what needs to happen in my husbands career change.... let's just say I'm still laughing.... we are surviving these troubled waters.
* * * * * * * *

Here is one of my laughable relievers;
During my trip to Frederick with Gracie, LeeAnn we decided to head back to the parking lot where my car was parked. We are listening to her GPS system instruct on where to turn..... when I look over at my silly friend chat about how fun this day has been for her. How she needed to be with her BFF....long overdue....when oh, my gosh there it was...crawling slowly on the side of the drivers seat.... a very large Stink Bug! As everyone knows these armored critters are everywhere in the's an epidemic. And as much as I truly dislike these insects, I have never ever reacted like I did in her vehicle that day. I let out a scream as if there were a serial killer in the backseat! I am confident that my scream would have me in the next Steven King thriller Gracie didn't scream as I did...she yelled and I mean yelled back
"WHAT...WHAT....WHAT???????" Remaining on the road...she comes to a stop sign. Breathing heavy she continues to yell at me as if she were scolding a...well...really really naughty child! but she is laughing so hard too When she learns of the serial stinker stink bug.... she let's out some more cRaZed yelling.... as we look at our surroundings we notice we are no longer in Kansas anymore.... we are in a not so nice section of Frederick. We laugh..... laugh hard and long.
As for the stink bug... I took one of my Starbuck napkins and flicked it on the back floor of her vehicle.... and yes, I made Gracie find it on her own!!

Life Lesson: Never scream while in a moving vehicle!



  1. Too funny....and been missing you, but knew that meant you were very busy. Now I have to say you are in the club from my "Big Girl Panties" post...that is what you have been doing for the last year.
    Blessings and sorry it is rougher than you had hoped, but I do know that God is there with you and He will see you through.
    Blessings my friend...and I can so see this and laugh right with you....sometimes that is truly the best medicine for life one can have!!!
    Take care and keep in touch when you can.

  2. This was so much fun, cause I could just imagine all the screaming and shouting going on in the car.

    Praying all will work out for you... it is always good to get a blog visit from you!


  3. I think I can identify with everything you just wrote about, even riding in a car with a stinkbug!

  4. A merry heart is like a medicine Lis. Thanks for sharing. Have a good week