Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scrap Book

Puppy Love
China Doll attended gymnastic camp at State College~
A sad day~ Coach Yuriy was given a good-bye party after years of coaching the Hanover team.
Yuriy returned to Russia. He was genuinely missed.
China Doll began a sport career that changed our lively hood. We all ate, breathed, slept and rode the gymnastic life for a few years. Apple Cheeks practically grew up in the gym or hotel rooms, and had plenty of new "sisters" that gave her tons of attention. A team of 12 sisters. Olympic bound maybe not.....but our oldest daughter had a natural ability to achieve the skills needed for this hard grueling sport. We traveled on weekends for meets- we met new friends- we spent a lot of money- she practiced 20+ hours a week (not including floor choreography) - we smelled scholarship????????
After an emotional decision- China Doll placed her grips and leo's on a shelf in her bedroom....walked away from the sport of gymnastics 2 weeks before the first meet of a new level season. Did I want to pull her hair out- yes. It took us some time to absorb her decision- anyone who has a son or daughter in this sport knows the hours and financial commitments behind gymnastics. Need I go on?
After learning the "true" reason behind China Dolls decision to quit- we knew of more important skills to work on now besides kips or a salto.
One of these days as parents of a teenage girl~ we will finally "stick it"!


  1. Enjoyed this...I remember the day my son put down his violin for basketball. He is so talented in music, but he decided he wanted to just play sports in high school...and yes, scholarship for his music would have been a bigger possibility than basketball...oh, well, he is doing great at age 21 and plays every instrument he can get his hands on.

    You are doing a great job of recording the past...I need to start that for my children...not there yet,

  2. Janette,
    I'm trying to keep up with my journals -
    Thank you for sharing about your son.....I'm not sure my daughter will pick up gymnastics again- but she loves playing the guitar and has been diving into field hockey and lacrosse. She's quite an athlete.

    Hope you are doing well. : )