Sunday, September 30, 2012

Take time to........

Time is precious.  I could say....for me..... that lately my time is rare.   But yet, I find time to do things that I admit....... are not always those things on my priority list.  
I find time to call my family back home......   and I find time to jump on my laptop to do just what should be done last.      My family has the first time slot.    My friends don't always get so lucky for the second time slot because by the time - my time comes for me to do what I want to do- or need to do........   my time is short.    Or is it that I'm short on time.     And, ahum......   my time for dedication.      ouch.
Today, as I sit here typing because I had the time to do so.....or I made the time to do so....... I look around my home at my family and feel this is the time of my life when things seem so in place.  Even with illnesses and injuries.   He  has is  continues to guide me.
I wonder at this time in my life what comes next.   What is next in His plan for
And only at His time will this happen.  

Tomorrow is October 1st.    I try to think where did the time go in September?!!
So because this time seems to be going so quickly for me.......for all of us...... I want to find more time to do what is needed to do.   And my list of Taking Time For:    grows each moment.

I want to make time for others.   I want to give more of my time to those who have nothing- when I should be so fortunate for what our Father has given- me.    Making time to thank him is priority!

You know that old saying;  "take time to smell the roses".......  I would have to say for's
"take time and give time".

What time do you have?



  1. Lis,

    I can identify immensely with the time factor. There is not enough time to do it all, even when all is time for children, time for parents, time for important relationships, work, exercise, time with God, time for (self). I lived for many years doing it all but I ran out of steam. I'm trying to balance that now, having taken a part-time job rather than full time even though the money is tighter. Time for silence is important to me now, time for peace. Praying that God will stretch my time, your time, both.

    Love to you!

  2. This is another sweet and gentle post, like most of your posts are. Honest, yet not intrusive. Sometimes, honesty can be given but it leaves a bad taste in another person's mouth. I am sure you understand what I mean. But in your case, your posts are honest, yet your words land so gently on my heart.

    Happy October, dear friend.