Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summers Close

As much as I wanted summer to begin.....and stay for a very long time.......I am now inviting autumn.
I should be thankful for having the summers off~ to enjoy the hot summer days swimming, biking with Apple Cheeks and spending time with friends.
This summer I found myself falling by the wayside in my daily prayers.  
My time for talking with Jesus was not a focus.   I find myself from time to time having to discipline (me) once again.   
When I sit here and write (now type) thinking of what I (my family) did throughout summer- not sure I should admit that I did not take time for devotion.   And if and when I did.....  it was quick. 
I certainly took time to ask Him questions...... or ask the "whys" and "why not" that is for certain!
I picture Jesus sitting across from me shaking his head......  as I do at myself.

Why was Football Superstar going through so much pain?     Instead, I should have been thanking for what we did have....and what options were given to Football Superstar.   
Why are doctors so incredibly short for time?   Why are they not giving us, my husband, me, him, us, me, me, me, me, me, me.........  their precious time?

I had questions.   Am I no different from any other patient?    Oh, you are correct.... I am not the one suffering from chronic pain.    Sorry, didn't want to confuse you- my husband was is the patient.
My thoughts went something like this:
"Dear Doctor Littletime,
I would like very much for you to listen to me.   I would like for you to not worry about your golf outing..... nor should you be looking at your Rolodex, lunch can be warmed up in the microwave.   I don't truly care if you don't care to hear about my issues, oh, yeah, sorry.... my husbands health issues.    Funny, did I say my issues?
Now that I have your attention............................."

This suffering heartache went on for a number of months. Then, when we thought this chronic pain would be a life long attachment for me my husband- Dr. R. came into our lives.
Dr. R. sat for 57 long minutes with my husband - and me.   He talked in length of my husbands medical history......his football injuries.....his visits with a neurologist.....headache/back/neck pain......our lifestyle......stress.....(why do I feel a little guilty on that one) and to top it
After a series of test, and semi results.....Football Superstars pain has improved. 
It's amazing what can happen when you have the right listener.   oh, doctor.

Now, as I was saying......   as for my suffering heartache....... my selfishness of wanting my life with my husband to be as it was one year ago....... I had to just STOP..... stop making my chronic complaints to Him about poor ol' me.
Because of all the other summers I had with my husband to enjoy taking trips, or just sitting by the pool, taking in a dinner for just the two of us, watching a late night movie together......this is the only summer in our married life that was thrown off by a detour.   We had each other.  
I wasn't the one who may have had the MRI come back with a  red mark indicating what the rest of my life will be.    
So because I allowed this pain to attack me...... I stopped talking to the most important person I should have been going to all along.   Not "Dr. Littletime"..... and probably not Dr. R.
Our Savior.

Why is it I hear the song "How do you solve a problem like Maria"........ 

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  1. Oh you touched my heart with this post and I am praying...and praying for the best of Fall for you all...and so sorry.

    I came by your new blog..have fun, I need to do something like that with my friend...we call each other Lucy and Ethel...I had a wonderful weekend with her this summer...what did we talk about...a lot of what you mentioned in this was where we both looked at the fact that our puzzle pieces of our life haven't turned out like we had envisioned...but He is still in control

    Hugs and prayers

  2. Dear Lis,
    I love this post, so honest... so funny (no, I'm not laughing, but you do have a humorous way of getting a point across.)

    You are precious, and you are loved.


  3. I am so glad to see you back here and am so sorry for the pain you have both been experiencing. Thank you for your honestly.