Saturday, February 5, 2011

Francesca Battistelli- This Is The Stuff

It's 8:45~ China Doll needs to be at her high school to catch the bus at 9:00 with the rest of her gymnastics team. Today is Districts.
As China Doll is grabbing her gym bag she says to me "oh yeah, Mom I need....." and begins to ramble a few items NOT in the gym bag! What??? Why didn't you inform us last night? You know when we said "anything else needed?"!! Okay no problem, I grab the stuff needed....we head out the door.....Apple Cheeks stops dead in her tracks because a squirrel is in her way.....OMGOSH it's a squirrel not a grizzly bear, let's go! We get into the car..... we are heading over Loudoun County Parkway when China Doll says "are we going to make it?"
I take a deep breath pretending this gorgeous living breathing daughter of mine did not just ask me this....... oh, great....traffic! I manage to get China Doll into the BR parking lot at 9:02 on the dot!
Apple Cheeks and I are heading home...... as we are I begin to make yet another mental note in my head of what I will need to do before heading to this gymnastic meet. I hit a huge pot hole!
In all areas why would a huge pot hole be here on this brand new 1 year old road?!
Football Superstar is at work and will not be pleased if I call giving him news of a blown out tire. brand new tires that is blown out tire....things are good..... what the what?! Now I know why Canadian Geese can take down a jet plane......I've never seen so many gosh darn big birds in all my life!
Coming out of the Redskins Park were and I'm not joking at least 50 Canadian Geese!
What was their plan runs through my head? They stay put but my heart was in my throat....and to top if off I then noticed that I was driving 45 in a 25 mile zone!
As I began to squabble using the words "this stuff drives me crazy!" my sweet calm 4 year old says to me "mommy, just like the song" and she begins to sing to me!!!! Laughter with a poke of tears happy tears got us home. The meet doesn't officially begin until 1:00. Ahhh.......

Enjoy your weekend.
PS: Be sure to read Ramblergirl- her latest post Hating Hope is a good read!
I have read so many awesome post this morning..... thanks for sharing!



  1. I'm smiling right now - I know the feeling! I just kicked my kids outside - they were driving me crazy ...

    love the song!

  2. Too funny!!! Love this song!!! Like the one with the dent in my finder, and holes in my jeans (well holes that weren't popular) Smiling as I listen and so been there....and will again!!! Yea for music!!! God is good and for those little voices from our little ones. My new five year old recorded on my phone a song from him..."mommie, I love you!, oh I love you...and it went on and on...forever, forever I love you". Enjoy they grow so fast as I talk to all my adult children today..well text, while tears flow because I just miss them!!!
    Yes this is the stuff He uses!!!

  3. Oh sounds like my "I Need Geritol" day!!! LOL

  4. Oh dear Lis... I just had to smile while reading this post. And that's because I'm here on the other side of the globe, sitting down in a comfortable coffee shop in the beautiful airport, two hours before boarding. I checked in early, to avoid being rushed ... and yeah... I'm comfortable.

    Reading about your day, and glad that you are okay after that pot hole episode.

    Aren't our kids great teacherr... I mean, they give us great opportunities for character building. I know... because that is what my own children did for me.

    Love you, Lis. I wish I could hug Apple Cheeks singing you that song... and the Canadian geese... (did you remember to take pictures?)


  5. Dear Lis,
    Stopped by today to send loving thoughts your way... Happy Valentines.