Friday, January 27, 2012

A Godly Child

I had the opportunity to listen to a teacher talk about her student. A little girl.
As I listened to this teacher, a wave of emotions took over my mind and my body. I laughed, cried and even bit my lip a few times. It was quite a story. I must admit I'm glad I was "invited" to listen.

This child is forgiving and loving. She finds time in her day to hug her friends when they are sad, and never hesitates to tell them she will "say a prayer" for them. Her one classmate lost his mommy last year to cancer. This little girl knows that her classmate is sad.....he misses his mommy and at times misbehaves. The little girl continues to pray for him.

The teacher spoke of this little girl as a "Godly child". One who truly carries Jesus in her little heart. She is eager to learn in Bible class and wants to hear more about Jesus.
This little girl wants to please. She wants to give and wants to help.
I heard words like "forgiving", "happy", "loving" and a "child of God" repeated often.

This teacher had tears in her eyes when she spoke of her "babies". She told me that the entire kindergarten class are her babies and she loves them all! She giggled as she wiped her eyes......and I could see the genuine love in her face for these children. But the little girl she spoke of stood out in my mind..... my own heart.

It's these precious years that are so important to give children the foundation of Truth.
But as we teach our children about God, there will be a time when they follow their own hearts and minds. We can only pray they continue their journeys. Truth.

All I can say, is I'm sure this little girl's mommy & daddy are very proud of her. : )



  1. I'm tearing up over here. What a sweet post!

  2. Way to go, Lis. We, too, are reaping "rewards" of the things are children have learned as we've attempted to pour into them a love for the Lord, just not "doing the right thing." May the Lord bless you and all of your children for His honor and glory!

  3. Lis, I read this post, and the one before it, entitled The Face.

    These were very good blog posts... considering that you are currently facing some kind of a "block."

    You are a deep thinker, and such a tender heart.

    When you can't erase a face from your heart, I believe God's giving a message. When I get an emotion or an impression that I can't shake off, I ask God what the message is...

    The little girl you wrote about is such an angel.

    What an encouraging story to hear in the midst of everything else happening around us. What a shining light in the darkness!

    Thank you Lis for sharing... and for not giving up on your blog!


  4. Amen...precious post and what informative year is age K...I am noticing it with Benjamin as he learns scripture, and I sometimes wonder if I used that year fully enough with the others.
    Precious post.