Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Corner talkin' and Corner raiding

I feel disconnected to my blogging friends. My hours/days/weeks have turned into resumes/schooling/locations.
I did take a time out in my daily routine to enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to the local and national news. Have I been not listening? How can so much junk take place within a week or two of my nonsocial networking?!
I'll spare you my grief of world issues. And I'll spare you the dozen stories that had my skin covered in goosebumps and chills.
But I can not spare you the one national story that just completely had my emotions rattled.
Death is a time for mourning and yet to celebrate the life of our loved one who past.
Funerals can be formal, they can be private and depending on the culture last for days.
Funerals should be respected- please do not rubberneck when driving past the funeral service.
Funerals should be a time for family and friends to have no interruption from outsiders.
Then why would a christian based church- a place where people claim to love God and others (maybe I missed when they claimed to love others) raid, yes raid a funeral for ones son?
What genetic makeup do these people have? I ask myself.
I was numb. I was sickened. I too felt raided.

During a recent service, our Pastor spoke bluntly of these "christians".
It was reassuring to know that Pastor S. too felt raided. How can you claim to walk with Jesus, believe in God and have pure hatred in your heart?

Are we not to love our neighbor? Are we without shame? Are we without sin?

If you have a moment..... link onto my friends blog Blah Blah Blah.
His post from 9/25/10 "Street Corner Talkin' " is a good read.

I'm done - I'll step down from my soapbox and walk away from my little corner on the brick lined street. But before I walk away.... is it possible for us to truly, unconditionally love our neighbor? No matter his or her race, color or religion?



  1. The preacher in th e book of Ecclesiastes says, it is better to go to a house of mourning than to a hous e of laughter.

    Funerals teach us a lot abou t life and relationships. India funerals are a community event.

  2. Well I missed that...I guess because last week there were so many deaths around us I removed myself from the news...well except one of my post when the shooting happened at UT and the person was the age of one of my children....and the poverty rate soaring in my neighborhood...I missed the sorry about what happened.

    My post on Sunday was about the losses and the song was about mourning those losses.

    I love your ending on your neighbors...I am posting on my neighbors is a post I did days again...God was telling me to get out again and know all of them. How can we share His love if we don't know them??? your post is confirmation.

    Blessings on your new journey...I keep you in my prayers!!!!

  3. So sad to hear about the desecration of a funeral. I don't know what event you are referring to but even just reading about it here saddens me. What kind of Christian testimony indeed...

    I went to Blah Blah Blah's blog... yes, what he wrote was good. An eyeopener- to be more perceptive, more sensitive.

    Thanks for getting on that soapbox once in a while and vent out your feelings.


  4. I feel that as family and friends gather around the cemetary plot for a funeral service - that is sacred ground, private ground, only open to those who love the one who has passed on or are helping the service run smoothly. There is no place for hecklers. They should be held responsible for the anguish they caused - and one day they will be.